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Innovative Content Studio Brickhouse Lab Launches in Northwest

Innovative Content Studio Brickhouse Lab Launches in Northwest

Brickhouse, a cutting-edge content studio, has officially unveiled its state-of-the-art film studio in the Northwest region. With a focus on leveraging techniques and technology to effectively showcase products and drive increased sales, Brickhouse challenges clients to embrace the power of online advertising.

As an industry trailblazer, Brickhouse demonstrates its commitment to innovation and creativity through its utilisation of online advertising strategies. The company has recently expanded to encompass four distinct divisions: Cinematic, CGI + Animation, Aerial, and Lab. The introduction of the new studio empowers the team to enhance their filmmaking capabilities and elevate production value.

Designed to cater to new clients and agencies, the ‘Brickhouse Lab’ specialises in creating diverse product content, including launch videos, demo videos, unboxing videos, and testimonial videos. These compelling visuals are crafted to attract, inform, engage, and nurture the customers of Brickhouse’s clients.

The launch of the Brickhouse Lab marks an exciting milestone for the company as it establishes itself as a go-to destination for impactful and immersive content creation. By combining cutting-edge technology with creative expertise, Brickhouse Lab is poised to redefine the standards of product promotion and elevate the success of its clients in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Installed by ‘Do Not Bend’ (www.donotbendproductions.com), the in-house film studio features state-of-the-art technology, camera equipment, lighting equipment, grip equipment, green screen and an infinity cove as well as in-house props and costume.

Backed up by a top in house team of talented creatives, producers, videographers and editors, this ideal combo means footage can be out of the camera and into the edit within minutes, enabling an even greater scope for experimentation and discovery. With everything under one roof the result will be faster turnaround times and increased flexibility in meeting specific client needs.

For bespoke requirements, Brickhouse Lab can also provide models, large props and specialist filming and lighting equipment upon request.

All in all, the Lab is a one-stop shop for high-quality content, in volume and at speed. And as time goes by Brickhouse is fully committed to continuing its investment and development.

Strategic Director Mike Herbert said: “We are firm believers that you never get anything good without experimenting and that’s why we called it the Lab. It’s our playground, the place where we discover new stuff to the benefit of the clients we work with.”

“Our plan is to build our knowledge, our capabilities and momentum. When it’s maxed out, we’ll look to move the concept further with another space. We’ll also continue investing in the right people and equipment to make further inroads into new markets.”

Creative Director Richie Lattin said: “Our clients’ goal is to have considered creative work that tells a story which is both valuable and entertaining for their audiences. But they also know that the relentless need for content often puts strain on that goal. The Lab means we can find a better balance between the two.

We can work with our clients to create brilliant creative film campaigns, then use the Lab to produce that content periodically as required, quickly and at scale. This means we have the ability to experiment, try new techniques and designs, and even implement AI solutions into VFX and graphics, but maintain that essential goal of outstanding work. “

Mike Herbert continued: “With our industry knowledge and experience, we are excited to provide high levels of expertise for any project that comes our way.”

“It’s not a huge studio but it is a huge advantage for us and the clients we work with. By having the Lab alongside our production facilities, we’re all set up to produce quality, speed and volume. We’re incredibly pleased with how it’s turned out.”

Brickhouse invites existing and new clients to experience the Brickhouse Lab and work together to produce their next big project. Contact Brickhouse today to schedule a consultation on how to bring that creative idea or vision to life.


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