Home Business YEEP! Parcel Lockers by LockerQuest Now Available at Southeastern Train Stations

YEEP! Parcel Lockers by LockerQuest Now Available at Southeastern Train Stations

YEEP! Parcel Lockers by LockerQuest Now Available at Southeastern Train Stations

LockerQuest, the foremost authorities in parcel locker placements, has partnered with Amey TPT to implement the cutting-edge YEEP! parcel lockers at 50 Southeastern Train Stations.

YEEP! represents a profound residential network of open, versatile, battery-powered parcel lockers, heralding an era where all carriers and consumers can seamlessly retrieve and dispatch parcels within their local communities, all while adhering to eco-friendly principles and unmatched convenience.

The YEEP! parcel locker service has already been launched at numerous locations, with projections of over 400 lockers set to be in operation this year, including the 50 strategically positioned at Southeastern stations. The parcel locker network is poised to expand to a staggering 1,000 by Q2 of 2024, with ambitious blueprints aiming to install a whopping 10,000 units throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom.

YEEP! functions as an intensely concentrated, hyper-local parcel delivery network, underpinned by a meticulously data-driven approach for site selection, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that a remarkable 90% of the populace resides within a mere 250-meter “slipper distance” of a YEEP! locker.

These effortlessly installable and maintenance-free battery-powered lockers are accessible to all UK-based carriers, retailers, and local authorities, offering the utmost convenience for 24/7 parcel drop-offs and pickups, while concurrently making substantial strides in reducing the carbon footprint associated with conventional courier deliveries.

Jonathan White, the CEO of LockerQuest, expressed, “Thanks to Amey TPT, we were delighted to facilitate an agreement between YEEP! parcel lockers and Southeastern Trains. We have worked with Amey TPT to identify locations for YEEP! parcel lockers and the stations selected where based on where people live and go.”

He further added, “The programme has been very successful based on the governance that Amey TPT follows. From our initial list of stations that met the criteria of a YEEP! locker location, our surveyors were able to follow a clear set of rules regarding station safety and operational activities resulting in excellent conversion rates for final installation.”

Building upon the triumph with Southeastern, LockerQuest is already engaged in collaborations with other portfolio managers under the Amey TPT umbrella to unearth fresh prospects within the realm of rail estate.

Noël Shapton, the CEO and founding Director of YEEP!, commented, “I am thrilled to bring our pioneering parcel delivery solution to locations throughout the UK including many across the rail network. We’re going further and faster and have big ambitions to become the largest, most sustainable agnostic parcel locker network in the UK within a very few years, working with LockerQuest really helps to support our growth plans.”

He added, “The LockerQuest team is very knowledgeable and work closely with the YEEP! team to ensure locations are where people live and go. They know what makes a perfect YEEP! location and have provided some excellent places for our lockers to operate. Being positioned in the heart of many local communities, railway stations are high footfall locations and provide convenient access to parcel lockers for both commuters and people that live close by.”

LockerQuest invites potential hosts for YEEP! parcel lockers to come forward. If you possess locations that are not only visible and accessible but also secure, we encourage you to connect with us via the following link: https://lockerquest.com/become-a-host/


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