Home Health Promoting Mental Health: Vita Health Group’s Campaign in Collaboration with Roadshow Promotions

Promoting Mental Health: Vita Health Group’s Campaign in Collaboration with Roadshow Promotions

Promoting Mental Health: Vita Health Group’s Campaign in Collaboration with Roadshow Promotions

Vita Health Group, a leading healthcare organisation committed to enhancing people’s well-being, has successfully concluded a 14-day marketing tour spanning Leicester and Rutland. The objective was to raise awareness about mental health and dispel common misconceptions surrounding this critical subject.

Vita Health Group plays a pivotal role in improving individuals’ health by offering integrated physical and mental health services to employers, the NHS, and private patients. In their latest campaign, they partnered with Roadshow Promotions, a renowned provider of promotional bus solutions, to commission a specially designed single-decker bus. This mobile hub was central to promoting conversations about mental health.

The campaign, titled “Get on Board with Your Mental Health,” had a profound impact on the local community as the bus made stops across various locations in the district, encouraging residents to engage in discussions about mental health. During the tour, nearly 2,000 residents boarded the bus, conversing with healthcare professionals and gaining valuable insights into managing their mental health.

To further support individuals in their mental health journey, Vita Health Group distributed free care packs to visitors. These packs contained tea and coffee sachets, along with biscuits, inviting recipients to take a moment of respite during times of overwhelm. The campaign aimed to provide practical tools while fostering an open dialogue about mental health.

Sarah Mather, Head of Marketing at Vita Health Group, expressed her satisfaction with the campaign’s success, stating, “It has been a truly successful and immersive integrated campaign. Not only did we witness steady numbers of visitors on board the bus, we also experienced a surge in website visits and social media engagements as part of our digital campaign. The whole process for commissioning the bus was remarkably easy and stress-free. With excellent communication, all we had to provide were the locations and artwork, and Roadshow Promotions took care of the rest.”

The collaboration between Vita Health Group and Roadshow Promotions exemplified the effectiveness of innovative marketing strategies in addressing contemporary health issues. By bringing mental health discussions directly to the community, the campaign effectively broke down barriers and provided a platform for individuals to openly discuss their mental well-being.

Natasha Greenley, Director of Roadshow Promotions, expressed their pride in being part of this meaningful campaign. She said, “We are incredibly proud and honoured to have been a part of this meaningful campaign alongside Vita Health Group. Being able to contribute to the important conversation around mental health, using the platform of a bus, and coinciding with Mental Health Day, means a great deal to us. We firmly believe in the power of innovative marketing solutions to make a positive impact on society, and this collaboration exemplifies that. It has been inspiring to witness the engagement and openness of the residents in Leicester and Rutland, and we look forward to continuing our support for mental health initiatives in the future.”

Through their mobile clinic and health bus hires, Roadshow Promotions assists the NHS, national organisations, and global brands in delivering health checks, treatments, awareness, and education. For more information, visit Roadshow Promotions.


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