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Revolutionary Brand Naming Method Introduced by UK Agency

Revolutionary Brand Naming Method Introduced by UK Agency

A groundbreaking naming strategy, developed by a British branding agency, is set to transform brand naming conventions.

The choice of a name for a company or product is more than just a matter of convenience. It can profoundly influence the entity’s culture and future trajectory, either positively or negatively.

Selecting a name that fosters long-term growth and customer loyalty might seem straightforward, but it’s a complex decision. How does one ensure the chosen name will be effective?

Innovative Insight

Paul Vinogradoff, a brand consultant at Fruiting League, has devised an innovative naming evaluation technique. This approach examines the phonemic weight and semantic significance of a name, leading to a comprehensive scorecard and an overall ‘Brand Growth Potential‘ assessment.

Considering the depth of language evolution over centuries, the agency argues that a name is as crucial as an identifier. The elements within a name can unlock insights into brand performance. For underperforming brands, modifying the name could be part of the solution.

Case Study Example

The agency recently transformed the brand identity of a Norwegian software company specialising in hospital and emergency services, formerly known as CSAM, to Omda. “This term, meaning ‘if then’ in Norwegian, is fundamental to computer programming, echoing their core product,” notes Kershen Teo, Fruiting League’s creative director. Paul Vinogradoff elaborates on the phonemic analysis:

The sound ‘Om’ is associated with universality and healing in many Eastern traditions. It suggests inclusivity in Latin (omni) and life’s origin in Greek (omphalos). The range of meanings of ‘om’ spans from creation to unity.

Meanwhile, ‘da’ is positively perceived in numerous languages, representing strength and leadership. Names resonating with positive meanings across languages, especially when aligned with the brand’s sector, have inherent appeal and value.

The rebranding not only rejuvenated the company but also attracted unprecedented attention from potential acquisitions.

Spotting Leaders and Reviving Strugglers

In today’s competitive market, discerning successful brands from those at risk is vital. Fruiting League’s methodology enables precise predictions of a brand’s growth potential based on its name. They encourage entities interested in this unique approach to contact them for insights into their market positioning.

Paul Vinogradoff and Kershen Teo’s extensive experience in global branding, coupled with their linguistic expertise, forms the foundation of their unique approach, leveraging the power of ancient and modern language phonemics to drive growth and success.


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