Home Business Nicky Greer’s Inspirational Rise in Property Leads to Founding of Training Academy

Nicky Greer’s Inspirational Rise in Property Leads to Founding of Training Academy

Nicky Greer’s Inspirational Rise in Property Leads to Founding of Training Academy

Marking a significant milestone, Nicky Greer, the acclaimed UK Record Holder in Property Lease Options, and the force behind Property Sourcing Merseyside Ltd, announces the launch of her Training Academy. This initiative is designed to empower individuals with the expertise needed to excel in property lease options.

Nicky’s journey in the property world began under challenging circumstances, having no prior experience or financial backing in the industry. Post-divorce and while supporting two teenage boys on benefits, she courageously utilized family funds to step into the property lease options market. This pivotal decision led her to spearhead the largest single property lease option transaction, encompassing 72 properties with a combined value exceeding £6 million.

Simon Zutschi, a renowned property trainer, played a crucial role in guiding Nicky through her journey, offering invaluable coaching and mentorship.

Determined to grow, Nicky attended seminars by Tony Robbins, a renowned billionaire and motivational speaker, to develop new competencies. Her property venture started with acquiring a HMO in Hartlepool in 2009, which was followed by 12 more deals in HMOs. Tony Robbins acknowledged Nicky’s commitment to self-growth at his “Unleash The Power Within” event in London, citing her as an example of a successful property lease option specialist. Having invested over £100,000 in personal and property education, Nicky is now keen to pass on her expertise.

Nicky Greer’s Training Academy offers two free enrolments for those interested in mastering property lease options. The program includes a comprehensive three-day online Zoom session and live workshops, providing knowledge that could potentially yield substantial future earnings.

Nicky Greer asserts, “I firmly believe in the power of self-investment to shape a brighter future. My journey from financial hardship to becoming a record holder serves as a testament to the transformative impact of personal growth and skill acquisition. I invested in myself, changed my future, and if I can do it, so can you.”

For individuals aiming to succeed in the realm of property lease options, Nicky Greer’s Training Academy presents an unmissable opportunity. Contact [email protected] for more details.


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