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EsteCapelli Unveils Pioneering Exosome Technique in Hair Transplantation

EsteCapelli Medical Solutions, a distinguished clinic in Europe, has recently launched the Exosome hair transplant technique, heralding a new chapter in the treatment of hair loss. This innovative approach utilises exosome plasmas, rich in proteins from umbilical cord blood, to stimulate cellular growth in the transplant region and enhance the hair follicles’ vitality via signal molecules.

EsteCapelli, a beacon of excellence in hair transplant and regenerative therapies in Europe, proudly presents the Exosome hair transplant method as the forefront of technological and therapeutic advancements in hair loss management. Under the esteemed leadership of Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar, a specialist in hair transplantation, EsteCapelli has adopted the Exosome hair therapy, markedly advancing the quality and appearance of hair transplant results, promising a more natural and robust hair growth.

Exosomes have rapidly become a focal point in hair aesthetic enhancement and restoration, supported by extensive scientific research. These plasma exosomes serve as natural agents for hair regeneration, encouraging cellular proliferation at the transplant site and bolstering hair follicle growth through effective signal transmission.

Science Merges with Technology to Transform Hair Restoration

Exosome therapy capitalises on the unique properties of exosomes, extracted from optimally maintained cellular environments, to deliver precise therapeutic benefits. In the sphere of hair transplants, this therapy aids in the nurturing, growth, and upkeep of hair follicles, employing exosomes from cord blood that contain a beneficial mix of proteins, growth factors, and minerals essential for healthier hair development.

Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar articulated the significance of this method for EsteCapelli, stating, “The intersection of science and high technology with years of experience is a breakthrough in hair restoration. Science has almost reached its peak in hair transplantation technology.”

Revolutionising Hair Transplantation and Recovery

Exosomes derived from the plasma of umbilical cord blood confront a significant obstacle in the post-transplant healing phase. The Exosome treatment method streamlines the integration of grafts into their new settings, fostering healthier growth of the transplanted hair, thus revolutionising hair transplant technology. Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar commented, “For patients looking for the best hair transplant method, Exosome hair treatment makes it possible to get more effective results in a shorter time.”

Achieving Over 15,000 Successful Interventions

EsteCapelli, a vanguard in showcasing Turkey’s prowess in health tourism to a global audience and a leading exporter of health tourism services to 47 countries, remains at the forefront of innovations in hair transplantation and aesthetic procedures, offering the latest treatments to its patients. Mehmet Hanifi Kutlar, the revered hair transplant expert and Medical Director at EsteCapelli, underscored the clinic’s dedication to patient contentment, having successfully treated over 15,000 patients worldwide. He affirmed, “As EsteCapelli, we have once again proven our commitment to offer the most advanced technology and the best results with the Exosome hair transplant method. This innovation reinforces our leading position in our field. Anyone who wants to open the door to a happy future can benefit from the end-to-end hair transplantation service offered by EsteCapelli in Istanbul.”

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