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Tourism and Entertainment: Blackpool’s Casino Scene

England’s West Coast is home to plenty of attractive towns and cities where every minute you spend is worth it. Taking in the sea breeze and enjoying the waves is as notable as seeing a live football game. It’s a place where entertainment meets relaxation and where history meets modern engagement.

Such is the case when visiting the various Blackpool attractions and soaking into the town’s atmosphere. There are numerous places worth visiting, people to meet and memories to make in this town on Lancashire’s coast. One of the most surprising aspects regarding this former hamlet is its casino history.

Tourism in Blackpool has a small yet very emphatic casino scene. Despite the fact that UK casinos have mostly transitioned to the online realm and have started prying players with bonuses like free spins no deposit, there are still a lot of passionate people who enjoy real-life games.

Since the Blackpool entertainment scene can offer several opportunities to gaming enjoyers, let’s have a look at these casinos!

Why Travel To Blackpool?

The Town’s Origins As A Viable Tourist Hotspot

Firstly, you would have to actually get to the town to experience its attractions and leisure industry. Some of Blackpool’s most conspicuous tourist attractions track their origins in the town’s history, so it’s essential we discuss it.

The origins of this resort town are owing to its proximity to several beaches and seaside tourism in general. As the sea-bathing activity began gaining traction as a popular activity, people started noticing Blackpool’s potential. Consequently, the first part of the town’s growth happened in the 18th century. The newly built leisure infrastructure was also of great help.

While Blackpool was a small tourist resort up until the middle of the 19th century, several factors started contributing to better access to its location. The connection with the railway system, plus the integration of electricity, gas lighting, piped water, and other commodities, helped the town’s population rise quite significantly.

Present-Day Blackpool’s Panache

At heart, Blackpool was mostly about being an attractive destination for working-class people. Its potential as an entertaining hotpot for fun and relaxation permeated even after the War. Its status as the ‘Las Vegas of the North’ remained very much relevant, especially as the resort retained its popularity.

This aspect is more than easily understandable due to the town’s popularity. Its viability as a tourist destination has attracted more than 20 million visitors in 2022, which is especially impressive considering the increase in competition from destinations abroad.

Its distinctive beauty, financial accessibility, and popularity recommend the whole of its tourism scene.

Blackpool’s Notable Casinos

If you know something about Blackpool, you may have heard about The Casino. Its status as a stalwart of the Blackpool nightlife with its shows and spectacles has been contributing to the town’s atmosphere since before the War. However, it has never featured any gambling activities.

Despite this iconic venue’s lack of games of luck, you can still enjoy some proper casino fun in present-day Blackpool! While its options may not be as numerous as other gambling-related spots, they still show Blackpool’s entertainment industry and its potency!

Coral Island Casino

Its interior is colourful and shiny, its location is close to the Blackpool promenade, and its potential to entertain you is massive! Coral Island is an ideal spot if you feel like having a go at some slot machine gameplay.

Its clean design and welcoming staff contribute towards making this location more than a viable option for whichever tourist seeks some thrill in Blackpool!

Genting Club

The Genting Club ensures a posh presentation and a refined atmosphere right at the crossing of Queen’s Promenade and Shaftesbury Avenue. You will recognise the location instantly if you see at least a picture beforehand since the building’s architecture is so iconic.

If you feel like going for some slot gameplay or trying your luck with some spins of American Roulette, the Genting Club has it! The casino also provides other hospitality services, so suit yourself!

Grosvenor Casino

Perhaps the best-known location in the Blackpool gambling scene, the Grosvenor Casino location does wonders for its appeal. Being right on the waterfront, close to the famous Pleasure Beach and the South Pier, it proves to be more than a viable source of entertainment.

Regarding its gambling offering, poker is the main game. You can join plenty of poker tables, opt for slot machines, or even go for a meal and drink inside this venue. The atmosphere is outright excellent, especially with it so beautifully collected.


As we can see in the past and the future of Blackpool, this town is a seaside resort whose versatility and accessibility ensure it survives and thrives. Its overall entertainment scene is impressive and attractive for visitors, both nationally and internationally. And, if you’d like to gamble for a bit, remember to gamble responsibly!



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