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Charge-M8 Offers EV Home Charging Support to Chapelhouse

Chapelhouse Motor Group, a popular car dealership in the North West, has enlisted support from Charge-M8, a specialist in EV charging. Charge-M8 will support...

DVLA Prohibits Certain Number Plate Combinations Ahead of Upcoming Changes

In anticipation of upcoming modifications, the DVLA has taken steps to ban specific number plate combinations from circulation. The changes are slated to take...

Car Expert Issues Warning as Social Media Scams Drain Thousands from Victims

A seasoned car expert has sounded an alarm for drivers, cautioning them against falling prey to social media scams that have resulted in victims...

Decoding the Enigmatic Letters on Car Plates: Insights from an Automotive Expert

The structure of car registration plates, which incorporates both numbers and letters, holds a deeper significance beyond a mere arbitrary combination, a fact that...

Unveiling ’73 Series Number Plates: Personalisation Takes Centre Stage

Attention all car enthusiasts! The eagerly awaited moment has arrived – the launch of the new '73 series number plates is fast approaching. Starting...

Number Plate Cloning Incurs Millions in Costs for UK Motorists

Number plate cloning has become rampant across the UK, leading to fines imposed on numerous innocent drivers, as cautioned by number plate experts. Plates4less, a...

Personalised Number Plates: A Respite for Victims of Number Plate Clone Scams, Says Expert

Drivers who have fallen prey to number plate clone scams are finding solace in personalised number plates, according to a car expert. In these scams,...

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