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Scott Dylan’s Approach: Data-Driven Decision Making

Could data analytics change how we handle mergers and acquisitions? Is intuition becoming obsolete? In today's quick-moving business world, making the right decision is crucial....

Scott Dylan and Mental Health Awareness Week: A Personal Journey

Imagine walking through a bustling office where every desk harbours untold stories of stress, ambition, and resilience. Mental health in the workplace is both...

Inc & Co Buys Luxury Lingerie Company Studio Pia

Inc & Co Investment Group, a leader in retail innovations, has recently added to its portfolio by acquiring the ethical luxury lingerie brand Studio...

Scott Dylan: Revolutionising Corporate Turnarounds with Ethics

Scott Dylan the co-founder of Inc & Co is redefining the approach to corporate turnarounds by embedding ethical considerations and community engagement at the...

Scott Dylan’s Analysis of UK M&A Market Trends for 2024

In the complex world of mergers and acquisitions, some UK companies are doing well, while others are not. This is happening in a time...

Jack Mason on when acquisitions go wrong | Insights from inside Inc & Co

Company acquisitions are often seen as a strategic move towards growth and diversification, and if everything goes to plan, that's often the way they...

Inc & Co’s Strategy for Fostering Employee Well-being and Culture

At the forefront of fostering an enriching work culture, Inc & Co places a significant emphasis on enhancing employee well-being. Acknowledging the multifaceted benefits...


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