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Constructing Impactful Training Presentations for Your Startup on a Budget

Employee training and development are crucial for the growth of your startup, and for managing its growth in a more sustainable manager. However, for many small businesses, training programs can be costly and time-consuming, but with the right online tools the process can be made far more efficient. 

As much as 59% of employees state that they’ve had no workplace training and that most of their skills were developed as a result of teaching themselves. In addition to this, 74% of workers claim that they’re happy to learn new skills or to retrain for new competencies. 

With 87% of millennials stating that learning and development in the workplace are essential, it represents a clear opportunity for employers to step in and work to build a competent workforce as their company grows. 

But how exactly can startups accommodate employee training when budgets and time constraints are high? The solutions may be more straightforward than they initially appear: 

Share Your In-House Knowledge

Thoughts of employee training programs can conjure up expensive learning modules and costly tutors when it needn’t be so complex. 

In fact, many startups or small businesses are likely to have a treasure trove of experience among existing employees that can be organically passed down to new recruits or employees in different roles to build their competencies and understanding of key business processes. 

Some of the ways that this can be undertaken can include: 


Sometimes, the best way to aid the development of an employee is to arrange for them to shadow their colleagues in different roles. This can help them to develop more flexible thinking and to look at their own roles in different ways. 

This can not only help to train employees with new business processes, but it can also help to foster a conducive working environment. Bring together two employees who may not often communicate and arrange an hour of shadowing to bring them closer and to combine bonding with a valuable learning experience. 


Employee-driven training programs can be some of the most cost-effective ways to improve staff. With no need to travel to attend classes, rent office space, or hire tutors, employees can simply learn by tapping into the knowledge base of their peers. 

Here, it’s possible to utilize existing employees to mentor ambitious hires in more junior roles. This can help them to pass on their knowledge and to build a network of greater adaptability and competencies throughout the company. 

Tap Into Microlearning

One way of helping employees to learn at a less time-consuming rate is to prioritize microlearning. This can take the form of short lessons occupying between three to six minutes of an employee’s time and can help to avoid overloading a worker with information–particularly if a deadline’s looming. 

To tap into microlearning, consider making tutorial videos on how to undertake key company processes, or create a mini-module that informs workers of how to approach tasks in a more efficient manner. 

What’s great about microlearning is that it can be adapted to help with the specific skills of employees without forcing a worker to read through masses of text that they’re already familiar with. 

Utilize The Right Tools Online to Create Learning Materials

Platforms like PoweredTemplate are excellent resources for creating engaging educational content. 

With more than 100,000 premium resources and plenty of free options available, PoweredTemplate has become a suitable platform for startups to gain essential materials to educate and train their employees effectively. 

While PoweredTemplate offers more than 3,000 presentation templates focusing on the topics of education and training, the platform also offers a great range of graphic templates for materials like infographics that can be suitable for microlearning programs. 

Taking a deeper look at one example, we can see that the template features a useful star rating system to help users to find recommended slides easier. Within the details of our example, we can see that the download features 24 slides offering various layout options. We can also see that the slides are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint software. 

The beauty of PoweredTemplate for startups is that it can provide leaders with ready-made, professionally designed, and 100% editable templates from which a training program can be crafted both quickly and efficiently. This can not only save time in the production process but also plenty of money from hiring third parties to create courses on the company’s behalf. 

To further optimize the time-saving process, PoweredTemplate has a ‘similar’ feature in which users can select an option they like the look of to see a range of other options based on a similar style and format. 

As we can see from PoweredTemplate’s subscription structure, the platform offers a low barrier to entry at $19 per month and even features the option of an on-demand plan which involves a one-off payment ranging from $24.95 to access downloads. 

Although employee training can be a difficult aspect of business life for startups, there are many cost and time-effective options available. With the right blend of in-house resources and online tools, there’s nothing stopping bootstrapping startups from helping their workers to reach their potential.



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