Adaptability: The new competitive advantage for businesses

Following the pandemic the UK business landscape has become more dynamic than
ever before. Traditional business models are undergoing challenges, and those adapting and embracing innovation are flourishing.

Founding director of creative agency Unite and Create Chris Hobson (pictured), operates an innovative freelance business model which works well for the firm.

In under three years, the model has enabled his agency to create ground-breaking campaigns for some of the most recognised brands in the world including Spotify, BASF plc and Travelodge.

Chris, from Preston, shares the ways that businesses can harness new strategies and adapt to enjoy business growth as we head into 2024.

Cut unnecessary overheads

“Gone are the days that a fancy office with slides to each floor and an on-site bar attract top tier talent and clients. Businesses should challenge the conventions of a traditional business – the way we achieve this at Unite and Create is through adopting a lean and agile structure.

“The benefits of a flexible working model that trims overheads and ensures clients only pay for necessary services may be a departure from the status quo, but it maintains levels of accountability and ensures a top-tier service and product at competitive prices.

“Clients only want to pay for the services they require and a streamlined business
structure mitigates wasted investment.”

Have a clear internal communications strategy

“Having a well-considered internal communications plan with regular engaging content is a fantastic way to bring a business strategy to life and keep employees connected to the organisation and its goals.

“Keeping staff informed and engaged will give them the information they need to carry out their roles to the best of their ability – which in turn will have a positive impact on business success and the all-important bottom line.”

Embrace flexible working

“Businesses which continue to operate an outdated five day a week enforced office
schedule will see a higher staff turnover as they leave for more flexible employment

“The benefits of flexible and remote working are clear. Businesses should embrace a flexible offering and inspire its staff to be accountable and self-motivated to drive their own productivity. Agile businesses who embrace this change will be ideally placed to outcompete those which demand in-person teams.”

Nurture innovation and creativity

“Stay ahead of the curve on new technologies and nurture a culture of embracing
change by encouraging a collaborative environment which facilitates idea sharing
and innovation.

“In the spirit of embracing the future, Unite and Create’s next innovation drives us toward operating as a genuine 24/7 creative agency. Through collaboration with global talent, the aim is to deliver work with increased efficiency, retaining the quality hallmark of our commitment to continuous innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our clients.

“As we navigate the shifting economic landscape, those business leaders who dare
to be different, who embrace change, and who redefine the very essence of work are
destined to succeed.”



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