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Five tips to get the most from your apprentice


Hiring an apprentice is a fantastic opportunity to diversify your team and share your expertise. An apprentice is a young person looking to build their skills, experience and knowledge. You can teach them about the workplace and help them transition from school to work.


You can employ a wide range of apprentices, from school leavers to university graduates. You will receive government funding to train apprentices, whether they want to upskill or change careers entirely. The UK government’s apprenticeship scheme found that 74% of apprentices helped employers improve their products or service. Apprentices can be an invaluable asset to your company if you put in the time and effort to train them.


Here are five ways you can get the most out of your apprentice.


Welcome them into the team


Your apprentice is probably nervous about entering your team, especially if they are fresh out of school. You need to welcome them as a part of the team and create a supportive environment for them to work in. Allow them to be themselves and try to make them feel comfortable in the workplace. It can be incredibly overwhelming for young apprentices to start in a new work environment.


Provide all necessary tools


You need to provide all the tools and equipment the apprentice will need to work. The apprenticeship organiser will let you know otherwise. Provide appropriate personal protective equipment for the apprentice so that they can feel safe and secure. You should also run through the basics of health and safety in the workplace on their first day.


Plan their time


Sit down with the new apprentice and go through their timetable with them. Allocate time blocks for meetings, tasks, and different responsibilities. You need to make sure they are learning as much as possible and actually understanding it. It might take a few days for them to settle into the rhythm of the workplace. Be patient.


You could also set them up with a mentor to guide them through the day-to-day tasks. They can form a relationship with mentors and ask them any questions they may have.


Work towards objectives


Set some short-term objectives for the apprentice so they can focus on making progress at work. These objectives should be achievable and measurable. If the apprentice starts to feel overwhelmed, you can remind them of how much they have learned and achieved so far. Goals can keep them on track and motivate them to work harder.


Listen to their feedback


Everyone works differently. You need to listen to your apprentice’s feedback and find out how they work best. They might learn more effectively through watching someone else complete a task or getting hands on with it. Work with their current skills and slowly develop their weaknesses.


Bring an apprentice into your team so you can learn from one another.



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