Logs Direct and bio-bean® Celebrate ‘Kevin’s Green Heroes’ Status

Lancaster-based wood and coal fuel specialist, Logs Direct, is full of beans having returned from the Grand Designs Live exhibition at which its online product ‘Coffee Logs’, created by bio-bean®,were chosen by British designer, writer and TV presenter, Kevin McCloud, to be one of the ‘Kevin’s Green Heroes’.

Only 10 products or services graced the ‘Kevin’s Green Heroes’ area at the NEC-based multi-award winning show. All were hand-picked by Kevin, from amongst the options on offer from over 400 exhibitors.

The ‘Kevin’s Green Heroes’ selection celebrated the most innovative, conceptual and eco-friendly ideas in the home design and construction sector and were chosen so they could set an example to the rest of the industry.

Naturally, Logs Direct, which exhibited at the show, was thrilled to have this honour.  As bio-bean®’s official distribution partner, it has marketed Coffee Logs as briquettes with a unique backstory, to be burnt without grounds for remorse.

Coffee Logs entered Logs Direct’s online store earlier this year and are eco briquettes, manufactured from recycled coffee grounds, collected from coffee shops, office blocks, transport hubs and waste management companies.

Logs Direct’s Stephen Talbot explains: “Each coffee log is formed from the grounds of up to 25 cups of coffee. After collection, the grounds are dried and compacted to form a briquette. This burns longer, hotter and cleaner than wood and is suitable for solid fuel stoves, open fires, pizza ovens, smokers, chimeneas and barbecues.

“The logs are an amazing 100% carbon-neutral fuel and a sustainable alternative to solid fuels, fossil fuels and imported woody biomass.  This ‘Made in Britain’ bio-fuel helps homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and reduce waste.  It very much deserved to be chosen as one of Kevin’s Green Heroes.”

Coffee Logs come in 16-log, 8kg packs and each log burns for up to 90 minutes. Two or three Coffee Logs can be lit at once, without overloading a wood-burning appliance.  They are quickly and easily set alight using firelighters and kindling, making them simple to use.  Whilst there is a slight ‘espresso’ aroma within the pack, this is not emitted during burning

Logs Direct’s sales director, Stephen Talbot, says: “Coffee logs appeal to green-living homeowners and businesses alike.  They are hugely effective as a fuel source, and we anticipate great sales this winter, particularly when consumers hear they were one of ‘Kevin’s Green Heroes.’



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