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Is your workforce facing work burnout?

The scary rise of workplace burnout

It is unfortunate but true that workplace burnout is on the rise in the modern workforce. Globally, it is estimated to have cost the economy £255 billion as a result. Whilst organisations focus on reducing the amount of burnout experienced across their teams, more can be done to reduce the risk of this happening. According to the WHO, failure to do so could cause a global pandemic within ten years.

Workplace burnout happens when those in the workplace struggle to cope in their environment. This can lead to constant exhaustion, irritability and a feeling of being unable to return to the role. Not to be confused with stress, workplace burnout can put severe pressure on those who are facing it and employers who are losing staff because of it.

Signs and symptoms of workplace burnout

You can look to resolve some clear signs of workplace burnout quickly as an employer. Take a look at our top 5 signs of stress in the workplace:

Unclear job requirements

If your staff are unsure of their expectations, this could lead to feelings of stress and, ultimately, workplace burnout. Staff who have no clear direction or don’t know what they are expected to do are likely to feel uncomfortable at work.

Dysfunctional dynamics at work

In busy workplaces, you will find that not every staff member is likely to get on. But if this goes too far and your employees feel undermined or bullied by their colleagues, this can lead to unhappiness in the workplace and subsequent stress and burnout.

Lack of consistency

Are your staff working in periods of mania and then complete quiet? Having no consistent work pattern is not good for your mental health. The constant energy needed to keep up with tasks and remain focused when things are quiet can lead to fatigue.

No social support

Staff who feel isolated at work are more likely to feel burnt out. If they have no ‘friend’ colleagues to whom they can speak during the 8 hours in the workplace, this can make someone feel very lonely.

No work-life balance

Those employees who are constantly working or feel as though they should be will lack the energy to do anything else, such as see family and friends. They will end up with workplace burnout as a result.

How to reduce your workforce facing burnout

Whilst the list above sounds scary; there are some things you as an employer can do to resolve matters and make your office space a more comfortable and motivating place to work. Hold team building days to boost the relationships within the office and learn about your employee’s strengths and weaknesses. Ensure your staff have regular supervisions to discuss any concerns or challenges they may be facing.

Understand the dynamics in the office and work to resolve them, either by moving close working teams together or purchasing secondhand office furniture to break teams up if necessary. Ensure consistent working patterns for every staff member, as much as you can, and keep overtime to a minimum to ensure all staff have the energy to spend time with family and friends.

By supporting your staff in the workplace, not only will you have a happier workforce who is proud to work for your company, but with increased motivation, success will increase, and customer service levels will improve.




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