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A growing demand for reputation management services drives Chester-based law firm Manleys to partner with technology providers

Manleys, a Chester-based law firm has announced its partnership with two new technology providers which will add significant and sophisticated services to its current work protecting online reputations in the digital age.

With an abundance of digital information readily available to audiences worldwide, reputation management is more important than ever. Corporate and individual reputations can be damaged beyond repair with the publication of misinformation, reviews, or content which is harmful, incorrect, or defamatory. This can cause loss of income, damaged careers, declining bookings and appointments and much more.

The control and regulation of online abuse, bad reviews, and negative comments has become big business.

Manleys has developed a formidable reputation for protecting its clients against damaging online publications since its incorporation in 2012. The firm handles the removal of harmful internet content and the prevention of publications and broadcasts.

Manleys has partnered with technology providers in the UK and Switzerland which will allow its clients to access a portal of their global online presence at a far deeper level than regular search engines such as Google. This will enable its clients to monitor their entire internet footprint, whether images, print or video, and remove anything deemed harmful or damaging.

Further, in cases where removal of content is not possible due to legal reasons, steps can be taken to “demote” and neutralise content so that its ranking on search engines is dramatically reduced to the point where it is difficult to find at all.

Managing Director of Manleys, Mark Manley said: “Our work is to protect the established reputations of our clients, their business interests, and brands. Whilst we have had great successes previously in restriction of harmful content about our clients, these new partnerships add significant new layers of protection such that offending online content can be identified globally, attacked quickly, and either removed entirely or diluted/demoted to such extent that it is almost untraceable. We are delighted to have formed these relationships which will add a lot to the already successful legal remedies we obtain.”

Manleys clients range from members of the Royal family, MPs, Governments, NHS Trusts, large PLCs, SME companies, Football Clubs, Managers, players, agents, athletes, and others involved in sports including Formula One and Boxing. They also have a substantial number of cosmetic surgeons, beauticians, hoteliers and other clients who rely upon online reviews for their business.

For any queries in relation to identification, or removal of online content, contact Mark Manley at [email protected] or see the firm’s website: www.manleys.law



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