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Bigtank working with Tenpin

Bigtank working with Tenpin

Bowling and entertainment chain Tenpin has engaged video marketing company Bigtank to help draw more customers back to its centres post-pandemic.

With 48 entertainment centres across the UK, Tenpin manages approximately 1,000 bowling lanes and was one of the world’s first to offer Hyperbowling experiences. It also provides laser tag arenas, a range of Houdini’s escape rooms, state-of-the-art arcades and American pool tables, as well as bar and dining experiences.

Bigtank is producing video content for use across Tenpin’s website and social media that vividly illustrates the range of experiences on offer.

Tenpin Ltd Customer Experience Director, Julie Chorley, said: “Bowling is one of the original social networks. It’s been a part of our families and friendships for generations, from birthday parties to first dates.

“With video now being 82% of internet traffic, there’s no better way to illustrate the vitality of the experiences we offer and get people socialising again and having fun post-pandemic.

“There’s a whole generation out there who the pandemic hit at a certain time, who are still experiencing life through their phones. These videos aim to show them what they are missing and get them back experiencing life, together.”

Bigtank managing director Rob Hallam said: “This work with Tenpin really embodies what video marketing is all about. It’s about creating dynamic, moving images, that jump out of the screen and move people to change their lifestyles and try new things. The new-look Tenpin sites have been a joy to film in; vibrant, exciting, and visually stunning.”

For more information, go to www.tenpin.co.uk or www.bigtank.co.uk.