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H&H Group Commit to Carbon Reduction

H&H Group Commit to Carbon Reduction

H&H to undergo a carbon audit to work towards reducing their environmental impact.

In a measure to improve its environmental impact and increase sustainability, specialist advisors, GO Low Carbon, have been invited by the H&H Group PLC to evaluate its environmental sustainability and conduct carbon audits across all of the businesses within the Group. It will then advise on what changes can and should be made, and support H&H as it continues its journey towards net zero and leading the sector.

Through its individual businesses, including Harrison & Hetherington, H&H Land & Estates, H&H Insurance Brokers, H&H Auction Rooms, and H&H Reeds, the H&H Group employs over 300 members of staff.

In recent years H&H’s operations have grown, expanded its geographical coverage, and evolved to meet changing customer demands and expectations. There have been growing pressures on all businesses, from the Government, employees, and customers, to reduce environmental impact. H&H have decided, that as a large and influential company, now is a good time to lead by example and embark on their carbon audit journey, and work towards a net zero future.

Carlisle based GO Low Carbon specialise in conducting carbon audits and working in partnership with businesses to help them understand and reduce their environmental impact. Its mission is to ‘support businesses to save time, money, and carbon emissions while ensuring we ourselves leave a net positive impact on the planet.’ So as part of the process a working group with representatives from H&H Land & Estates, Harrison and Hetherington, and H&H Reeds has been formed, to drive this initiative and to implement the necessary changes across the entire H&H Group.

Richard Rankin, Chief Executive of the H&H Group gives some further background: “We are totally committed to future proofing all our businesses for our people and our clients, and as part of this we decided that taking steps to make the operations of our businesses more sustainable was crucial.

“We have already invested in renewable technologies at our Carlisle Rosehill site and H&H Reeds, who in 2019 were awarded the in-Cumbria’s Best Ethical / Green Business award, and have already made a significant commitment to the environment. This is the next stage of our campaign to work towards achieving net zero. Being able to conduct one carbon audit that covers the entirety of the H&H Group is key, and I know that GO Low Carbon’s recommendations will be integral to us meeting our future environmental milestones.”

Through this collaborative approach, Go Low Carbon aims to help the Group understand its carbon footprint and guide it through the process and ‘carbon jargon’ to create an annual plan that enables it to confidently achieve its carbon and environmental targets.

H&H’s audit will identify fuel and electricity use, owned transport, and business travel, as well as employee commuting and biomass fuel.  It will highlight the most significant areas where the Group can improve, including reducing fuel consumption, energy usage, and identify areas for financial savings.

All of the information gathered will be collated to create an ambitious but attainable roadmap towards Net Zero. Once the data has been collected the carbon audit report will be produced by the beginning of 2023. The resulting strategy will be put into place across the Group by the spring.

Commenting on the new partnership, Ryan Park, Managing Director at GO Low Carbon said, “The H&H group has already taken positive steps towards improving the sustainability and making the decision to complete a carbon audit across all their companies is testament to their commitment to the environment. We are looking forward to working with them towards their carbon targets and a more sustainable future for their businesses.”