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5 Ways Food Businesses are Thriving in Lancashire

Lancashire is a diverse county with a thriving dining scene. Its food industry is constantly growing, from the country’s best dining spots to the local farmers providing fresh fruits and veggies. In addition, Lancashire is home to some of the world’s leading household names, such as Budweiser and PepsiCo.

If you’re thinking of opening your own food business, you might want to learn how food businesses are thriving in Lancashire.

  • Offering Traditional Menus

While it’s good to offer something new to diners from time to time, many restaurants in Lancashire are sticking with traditional meals that are authentic to Lancashire, which is the reason behind their success. By offering dishes with an established reputation, they continue to attract loyal customers and visitors who want to sample authentic dishes. Some of these dishes might even be developed with the help of drink manufacturers UK.

Some customers cannot move past a good, traditional menu and will always choose something familiar to them, which is why many restaurants in Lancashire will stick to the usual menu. But despite offering the same menu, they still review it regularly and ensure it meets the expectations of their customers.

  • Choosing the Right Location 

Another reason the food industry in Lancashire is thriving is that these restaurants know where to find the best spot to set up their business. These establishments are in crowded pedestrian areas, such as downtown intersections or busy districts with a vibrant food scene. 

Aside from choosing the right location, the restaurants in Lancashire are aware of the rules and regulations to follow when setting up their business. For instance, they need to have hand washing facilities and toilets and keep their premises clean and well-maintained.

  • On Top of Legislation 

Another reason behind the success of Lancashire’s food industry is that the restaurants made sure to stay on top of legislation. They complied with the regulations and legal requirements from the beginning. In fact, many took up food hygiene training courses to remain updated with the local legislation and procedures involved in starting a food business in Lancashire. 

Business owners have also integrated an efficient food safety management system, a legal requirement for all food businesses. They are also aware of their responsibility to provide customers with accurate information regarding allergens.

  • They Know their Costing

One of the ingredients for the success of many restaurant businesses in Lancashire is they knew their costing before getting into the market. As with opening any business, you should know the initial costs, allowing you to better plan and prepare. 

Many things are involved when factoring in the cost of opening a restaurant – from renovation to kitchen supplies and equipment, licenses, permits and marketing. Knowing how much your business will cost you can help you make the best business decisions.

  • Employee Training 

Most successful restaurant businesses in Lancashire have invested in training their employees because they know it’s one of the keys to success. For instance, to help maintain a compliant workforce, they provide their employees with proper training on health and safety and fire safety. 

Restaurants with five or more employees should have a written health and safety policy describing the arrangements. In addition, they must conduct a fire risk assessment at the premises and exercise fire safety precautions.



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