Home Health Mirage Joins Forces with NHS to Grant 3 Months of Complimentary Vape Supplies for Smoking Cessation

Mirage Joins Forces with NHS to Grant 3 Months of Complimentary Vape Supplies for Smoking Cessation

Mirage Joins Forces with NHS to Grant 3 Months of Complimentary Vape Supplies for Smoking Cessation

Mirage Vape Stores, a prominent purveyor of vaping products based in Sheffield, proudly announces an innovative collaboration with the National Health Service (NHS) with the noble aim of aiding individuals in their quest to quit smoking and enhance their overall well-being.

In this landmark partnership, Mirage will extend a generous offer of three months’ worth of vaping supplies to eligible participants aspiring to detach themselves from conventional cigarettes.

The synergy between Mirage and NHS Smokefree Sheffield arrives at a pivotal juncture when smoking cessation has risen to prominence as a paramount public health objective. The perils associated with cigarette smoking remain a prominent cause of avoidable ailments and untimely demises across the globe. Acknowledging vaping’s potential as a tool for harm reduction, the NHS has chosen to unite with Mirage to provide smokers a viable alternative.

Individuals enrolled in local NHS smoking cessation programs will be granted the opportunity to receive a three-month allocation of Mirage’s vaping products, without any financial obligation. This initiative strives to embolden smokers on their journey to a tobacco-free existence by furnishing them with requisite resources and guidance to overcome nicotine dependence.

Mirage is steadfast in delivering vaping merchandise of exceptional quality, spotlighting user safety and contentment as top priorities. All Mirage items strictly adhere to stringent industry benchmarks, and every e-liquid is fabricated in full compliance with regulatory norms within their dedicated facility located in Sheffield.

Craig Newbold, Director at Mirage, conveyed his sentiments regarding the collaboration, stating, “We take immense pride in partnering with NHS Smokefree Sheffield to advance their mission of aiding individuals in their journey to quit smoking. Vaping has consistently showcased its potential as a comparatively less detrimental alternative to conventional cigarettes. By presenting a three-month supply of our products, we aspire to assist smokers in their shift toward a healthier lifestyle. Our commitment extends to fostering participant progress and collectively mitigating the adverse impacts of smoking. This collaboration stands as a commendable validation of our enterprise and our unwavering adherence to regulatory stipulations.”

To qualify for the three-month cache of Mirage vaping commodities, interested individuals within the city should engage with their general practitioner, NHS smoking cessation consultant, visit a local Mirage establishment, or navigate to https://www.mirage.co.uk/nhs for comprehensive details.

Mirage’s alliance with the NHS signifies a significant stride forward in combatting the smoking epidemic and championing strategies for harm reduction. Through this combined effort, both entities aspire to equip individuals with potent tools and resources for relinquishing smoking, ultimately fostering enhanced public health outcomes across the city.

For comprehensive information, visit https://www.mirage.co.uk/nhs.


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