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Home IPL vs. Saloon Laser Hair Removal

There is constant scuffle to remove hairs from the body weekly and are you sick of that and in search of a method that breaks this weekly cycle? Don’t worry then, you can find semi-permanent and permanent solutions for hair removal by using the latest techniques such as IPL and laser technology.

Now the question is what are these and how are they similar?

Comparison between IPL and Laser Hair Removal:

It is a very hot topic to discuss the comparison of IPL and saloon laser hair removal because both give similar results to the maximum extent then how they are different. Both of them use light energy but one is easier and the other is not, which is more effective, let’s discuss all queries;

What is IPL at home and How it Works:

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light that’s obvious from its name that it uses a light source to remove hairs. IPL is done at home with handy and smart IPL devices that use a broad spectrum of wavelengths of light and are directly targeted on the skin where hair needs to be removed.

The light energy penetrates deep into the skin without causing any harm to the upper skin layer. Beneath skin light energy produces heat that damages the melanin pigment in the hair follicle leading to the destruction of hair roots. Therefore it takes 3-4 weeks for hairs to grow again and give smooth hair hair-free skin for longer duration.

Perks of having IPL at home:

IPL hair removal at home has the following features;

  • Small, handy, and somewhat scaled-down device to achieve permanent hair removal
  • It does not require safety goggles
  • In your hands so you can zap when you want
  • It uses less power compared to a professional laser
  • IPL at home has easy controls and switches with complete safety measures
  • You can take the help of any assistant to reach some areas of the back
  • You can set your schedule at your favourite time
  • IPL has efficient sensors to sense the skin tone for safety
  • Visible results can be seen in 5-6 sessions in 3 weeks
  • You have to purchase your own IPL device therefore it can be heavy on your pocket.

What is Professional Laser Technology and How it Works:

Laser hair removal is a very professional way to remove undesirable hairs from different parts of the body. Laser light is released from the head of a professionally designed laser machine that damages hair follicles specifically without damaging skin. It has a different set of intensities that are used for different thicknesses of hair under professional, trained, and skilled operators.

Laser light targets those hair follicles that are in the phase of active growth and all hairs are not in the same phase every time. Therefore regular sessions at regular intervals are needed to get maximum results.

It is important to clean the area before hair removal with a razor or trimmer for the smooth working of laser and IPL devices to get the best results and read instructions about how to do IPL hair removal.

Perks of having Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is a professional way of getting rid of unwanted hairs at clinics and spas and it has some different features as compared to IPL at home. Such as;

  • Laser hair removal machines have the latest and up-to-date laser technology
  • It uses very powerful light energy to burn hair follicles
  • The latest laser machines have the latest configuration for all types of skin colours and skin tones with various combinations
  • A medical professional who is completely skilled and trained in laser machine operation is allowed to do sessions of Laser hair removal
  • It has a wide range of applications including men’s beard
  • It uses intense light therefore you have to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from harmful rays of laser
  • The hair removal treatment course consists of 6-8 sessions on average with 6 week’s gap
  • It is slowly top up mostly after 1 year or 2
  • With the latest laser technology, you can achieve the highest level of hair reduction for the longest possible duration.
  • You have to pay for each session therefore it becomes expensive in total.

Professional laser machines have a huge variety of lasers with a wide range of intensities to target all types of skins and hairs. Laser therapy is performed by professional and skilled operators with minimal chances of hazards. It gives longer hair-free smooth skin as compared to IPL.

On the other hand, IPL devices are used at home without any professional skill and it has only a specific wavelength of light thus it does not target all skin types. Furthermore, IPL results are longer and you have to spend handsome money to purchase an IPL device.



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