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Fulmar Consulting Ltd Expands with Acquisition of Tyler and Co

Fulmar Consulting Ltd Expands with Acquisition of Tyler and Co

Tyler and Co, a distinguished name in the art claims consulting industry, is set to broaden its horizons following its acquisition by Fulmar Consulting Ltd. Spearheaded by Sandy Taylor, this strategic move aims to reposition the heritage company as a modern and forward-looking art claims specialist.

This acquisition represents a significant milestone for Fulmar Consulting, propelling it to new heights in the claims industry while expanding its service portfolio. With a legacy dating back to 1897, Tyler and Co has earned its reputation as an esteemed expert in art claims consulting, renowned for delivering top-tier services and ensuring exceptional client satisfaction. The partnership with Fulmar Consulting will allow Tyler and Co to tap into Fulmar’s extensive global network, enabling them to continue providing unparalleled service to their clients.

Sandy Taylor, CEO of Fulmar Consulting, expressed his satisfaction with the acquisition, stating, “We are genuinely delighted to welcome Tyler and Co into the Fulmar Consulting family. This move represents a significant achievement for our company, as it empowers us to diversify our offerings and offer our clients a more specialized range of services. Tyler and Co’s established reputation and rich heritage speak volumes, and we eagerly anticipate this new chapter in Fulmar’s growth.”

Mark Dalrymple, the former owner of Tyler and Co, shared his enthusiasm about the transition, saying, “I am delighted for Fulmar to take the reins of Tyler and Co and am excited to continue working with them to push the brand forward. Our shared values and commitment to unparalleled service make this partnership a great fit for both us and our clients.”

Tyler and Co will continue to operate under its existing brand name, with Mark Dalrymple maintaining a consultant role, fostering an ongoing relationship with the company.

For further information about Tyler and Co and Fulmar Consulting, please visit www.tylerand.co and www.fulmar.net.


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