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How Can Women Thrive In Trade Industries

More attention is being paid to the opportunities available for women. Many people are rightly keen to break down stereotypes and ensure jobs are available to those who qualify.

Unfortunately, discrepancies still exist here. For example, though covid put millions of people out of work, young women were reported to be the most affected by the job losses. Access to opportunity has never been more critical. Still, there is hope to be found in trade industries, where many women could potentially secure steady and lucrative employment.

You may be a woman who is interested in exploring these prospects for yourself. If that’s the case, then here are some pointers to help you get started.


Source Inspiration

The trade industries have often been male-dominated spaces. Therefore, it’s a good idea to engage with resources and people to show you what’s possible.

It may help to read about the women who prosper in trading apprenticeships and how they view their success as dependent on their mindset rather than external influences. Challenges will be present, and people may make snap judgements on your ability to do a job. It isn’t right, but there are many women out there who’re proving the doubters wrong daily. Why not join them?

Inspiration can be a powerful fuel in the job, especially if you’re going up against negative expectations. Immerse yourself in positivity as much as possible. Use social media extensively. If you feel that you encounter very few other women in the trades, a quick online search will soon tell you that you’re not alone. If you’re comfortable doing so, consider championing your industry online, encouraging other women to consider a similar career path.

Look for mentor figures, and ask your friends and family if they know any women in trade industries. Get in touch where possible, learn all you can, and surround yourself with people who elevate your performance and prospects.


Get Equipped

You may encounter feelings of imposter syndrome in the early days of your career. Most people experience these feelings irrespective of their gender, but doubts may intensify if you combat stereotypes and misogyny.

Still, it’s quite common for people to ‘feel the part’ once they ‘look the part’. Consider investing in the workwear supplied by Snickers to meet that end. There is a limited time bundle around select Snickers workwear, as well as 60% off on their Windstopper beanie. Whether you need work trousers, safety boots, or hi-vis jackets, you’ll find everything you need here at an affordable price.

Workwear can also say something about you as a professional too. It demonstrates that you take your responsibilities seriously and prioritise safety and expertise in your role. Purchasing your equipment from a reputable supplier also highlights that you know the industry and set high standards in your work.


Know Your Rights

It is essential to be firm in your belief that you belong in the trade industries. Anyone questioning your place needs to be dealt with swiftly.

Don’t hesitate to report any incidents of mistreatment you experience. Develop a close rapport with your superiors, andfamiliarise yourself with your HR department as well. You should never be made to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in the workplace, so expect good behaviour from everyone you encounter.





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