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LiNa Energy successfully demonstrates its sodium technology for battery energy storage systems with partner ion Ventures

LiNa Energy successfully completed an independent demonstration of its lithium-free sodium batteries for energy storage systems with commercial partner ion Ventures. The test was performed independently at HORIBA MIRA and was funded via generous support from the UK’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The test saw a 1kW/ 1kWh LiNa system perform dynamic containment – a key revenue stream for battery energy storage systems in the UK which requires rapid injection and absorption of power to maintain the grid’s frequency.

The demonstration was performed with a 1 kWh system containing LiNa’s lithium- and cobalt-free solid state sodium battery cells. The robust test was performed continuously for 5 days using a significantly volatile frequency input over a range of states-of-charge. The test was also run simultaneously with a charge and a discharge profile to demonstrate the critical ability to stack revenue streams.

Rich Dawson, LiNa CTO, said of the test “Electrical grids all around the world will need energy storage assets as renewable generation increases. This is an important demonstration for LiNa Energy, showcasing this technology’s potential to meet the needs of this market.

Dan Taylor, Co-founder of ion Ventures, said “This is a huge milestone for our partner LiNa Energy as the battery demonstrated it’s clear capability in responding to DC signals at the independent test centre. This continues to show the LiNa battery system will be providing a wide variety of services, as well as offering capabilities to grid operators worldwide”

The demonstration was conducted as part of BEIS’s Energy Entrepreneurs Fund which supports the development of technologies, products and processes in the areas of energy efficiency, power generation, heat generation, energy storage, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and security of supply. LiNa Energy demonstrated the technology with ion Ventures – an international developer of renewable generation, clean electrification schemes and optimised, flexible power infrastructure.

HORIBA MIRA is a global provider of automotive engineering, research and test services, with over 75 years of experience in the industry. From its 850 acre head office in Nuneaton, they provide comprehensive, independent support ranging from technology development and individual product tests through to full-vehicle design, development and build programmes. With one of the most advanced and comprehensive test and validation capabilities for battery testing, HORIBA MIRA was well placed to assist in LiNa’s development programme.



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