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How to Optimise Your Business Processes With Software Asset Management

We’re all aware of the fact that technology is advancing at full speed ahead. This enables businesses to use all kinds of software programs. Nowadays, the demand for software use is huge and much needed, especially for big companies. ’With great power comes great responsibility’’, isn’t that right?

Most IT budgets include more than 30% for software. So, who’s making sure you’re not overspending and all of your software licences are actually put to use? This is why Software Asset Management (SAM) is the perfect solution.

What is Software Asset Management (SAM)?

Optimising your business processes has never been easier. SAM is a business strategy that can help you increase savings by managing and documenting software licences. By making the most of your IT investment, you can achieve the maximum benefit for your business.

As much as Lancashire’s transport infrastructure assets are valuable for citizens of Lancashire to access a range of country council services, so is SAM valuable for business process optimisation.

Even though SAM tools offer automated services, behind this investment strategy there is also a professional team monitoring the use of software licences. By doing that, they’ll be able to understand if every purchased licence is applied in practice. They will make sure all of your software licences are up to date and negotiate new agreements or eliminate old ones if needed.

This tactic has been proven to have huge benefits for your business process optimisation!

Top 5 benefits of Software Asset Management

1. Cost efficiency

Even when you can afford it, the question is, why not save money if you have the chance? By comparing the purchased and used software licences all unnecessary costs come to light, so it makes it easier for you to maximise savings.

If your software subscriptions are scattered all over the place SAM is here to help you arrange them. You’ll never again have to pay for software you’re not using. 

2. Risk management

You’re all very much aware that cyber attacks are a common thing nowadays. You have to be ready to fight it. That is why SAM has a system to help you protect your device against viruses and threats. Isn’t it better to sleep soundly, knowing your data is protected?

3. Fight against audits and penalties

No need to suffer financial loss if you can stop it on time. It is likely for every organisation to receive an audit, which can result in penalties at least once a year. So. even if it’s unplanned, isn’t it better to be prepared on time? 

The SAM team will make sure to have good communication with software vendors and in case there’s a licence deficit, for it to be timely addressed.

4. Time management 

We live in a fast-paced world where time management is of the essence. Managing your software assets manually and without SAM strategy can take too much of your time. Instead, you can count on a SAM automated system to do the work for you. 

5. Improves IT Asset Utilisation

Most assets have to be used smartly, including IT assets. Do you know at what capacity your IT resources are being utilised? SAM keeps you posted on everything. If there are any better software licences that meet your company’s requirements you’ll be the first to know.

The importance of choosing the right SAM tool

If you want to achieve the best business optimisation and make sure your software licences are taken good care of, you have to choose the right SAM tool.

It can be a challenge, but you have to start from somewhere. First, you have to understand what your business needs. What do you want to achieve by using SAM? You can afterward make a list of software asset management vendors and see which can offer you what you’re aiming for.

It’s also very important to pay attention to the size of your company. Based on that you can decide what kind of SAM tool you need. Small businesses usually don’t require a complicated interface. Whereas, bigger companies need something more complex, since they’re potentially dealing with a lot of software licences and require some serious arrangements. 

Why SAM is a worthwhile investment

There were simpler times when software portfolios weren’t a big thing. Nowadays, creating a software portfolio for your business is of utmost importance. Asset management leads to improved optimisation, which leads to a more successful business. 

The future of your business optimisation lies in purchasing a SAM tool! While keeping good communication with software vendors you’ll have a better chance at improving every software program. This is why you have to understand what you purchased in the first place and if this has paid off.

Since software purchasing is a large investment, why not make sure every one of these software has its maximum potential used? Purchasing a SAM tool allows you to reclaim your budget and at the same time maximise savings.

Needless to say, you will never again have to rethink if you made the right investment in purchasing a software program. All of your software licences will be sorted and timely upgraded and at the same time, the efficiency of your business will run smoothly. If you’re ready to optimise your business processes, start with SAM!



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