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QNET Corrects Scam Allegations as Participants From 30 Countries Gathered at V-Malaysia 2022

QNET is often misidentified as a scam because the direct selling industry isn’t fully understood in many parts of the world. However, the e-commerce-powered direct selling company, founded in 1998, has helped millions of people become successful entrepreneurs. In fact, 15,000 of the company’s independent representatives attended its annual convention, V-Malaysia 2022, where journalists were invited to see what the company is all about.

After a lengthy hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the direct selling company’s in-person flagship event returned to Penang Island, Malaysia, in October. Attendees from 30 countries gathered to celebrate the fact that, unlike scams, QNET offers a legitimate way to earn a living. During the five-day event, the direct selling company debuted new products and showcased its array of exclusive health, wellness, and lifestyle offerings in myriad ways.

The V-Malaysia convention was the first large-scale international event held in the Southeast Asian country since the pandemic began. Biram Fall, the company’s regional general manager in sub-Saharan Africa, called it “both amazing and fulfilling to experience.”

The company stated that the convention “is a grand gathering, where you can expect a series of world-class motivational speeches and training sessions that are essential for professional networks.”

In addition to the product showcases, the convention also included educational training programs, entertainment, and an international sports star guest speaker. “We hosted this year’s convention under strict compliance to COVID-19 safety protocols,” stated Fall. “It was heartwarming to see, meet, and engage thousands of our QNET family from different parts of the world again. Though 2020 and 2021 were tough years for everyone, our industry maintained a steady and consistent growth.”

Six-time Grand Slam Champion tennis star Sania Mirza spoke at the in-person event on the importance of not giving up when life gets challenging. Her words resonated with the direct selling community. Mirza is a four-time Olympian and the first Indian woman to win a Women’s Tennis Association title. In recognition of her work inspiring the next generation of tennis players in addition to her contribution to the international sports community, CNN gave Mirza its Outstanding Achievement Award.

V-Malaysia Participants Learn About New Products

Unlike scam operations, QNET cares about its customers and independent representatives. That was made apparent during the V-Malaysia convention. The premier direct selling company revealed new products to help people live their best lives. The company was proud to add HomePure Viva, EDG3 Plus, and ProSpark Enhanced to its quality product line.

“Now more than ever, personal health and well-being are top-of-mind for many. Our health, well-being, and nutrition portfolio have seen a huge upsurge in interest over the past three years,” said CEO Malou Caluza.

According to Caluza, the direct selling company’s goal for the future is to continue to make products that are holistic and accessible to all customers. “[The company is] proud to partner with world-class laboratories, researchers, and manufacturers to ensure [its] products are effective, beneficial, and made to the highest standards,” said Caluza.

ProSpark is one of the company’s most popular personal care products. The company has taken the revolutionary oral care product to the next level with ProSpark Enhanced. It includes the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, found in specific microscopic algae, and ProImmune, a unique amino acid combination that encourages the body to increase glutathione production. It’s got a minty, fresh taste and helps improve gum health while strengthening and brightening teeth.

The EDG3 Plus is a powder supplement packed with vitamin D3, turmeric, and glutathione. It’s intended to lower blood sugar and cholesterol while boosting the body’s immune system. It’s sugar-free, too.

The HomePure Viva is a genuinely customizable water filtration system. It includes 11 unique modes and has the ability to create alkaline water, which is rich in hydrogen, to better hydrate the body.

QNET Corrects Scam Allegations

The direct selling company is often grouped into the category of financial scam or pyramid scheme in the press. One way it combats such false allegations is to maintain transparency in all of its business operations and products.

That’s why the company invited journalists from West African countries to the V-Malaysia 2022 convention. It could be helpful for the press to see with their own eyes that while it takes hard work and dedication to succeed as an independent representative, those efforts are worth it. Press members got to hear from people who changed their lives through the direct selling company and reiterated that it took time to establish and grow the business, unlike get-rich-quick schemes.

During the five-day event, the members of the media observed the company’s corporate offices and validated its dedication to empowering participants to live healthier, happier lives in order to understand why it is wrong to categorize QNET as a scam business.

The company’s founders were ahead of their time when they merged traditional direct selling with modern technology. “The direct selling industry is generating more flexible and limitless prospects, and many people, especially millennials and Generation Z, are taking advantage of these life-changing opportunities,” stated Fall. “And at V-Malaysia 2022, our large global family resolved to ‘Be the Change’ the world is looking for at a time like this.”

QNET has held 30 in-person conventions since 2001, 14 of which took place in Malaysia. The direct selling company hosted four in the United Arab Emirates and two in India. The convention has also been in Greece, Kenya, Uganda, Turkey, and Thailand. The company plans to have its next annual convention in Penang, Malaysia, in March 2023.



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