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Should you Repair or Replace Wood Flooring?

You may know your wood floor isn’t looking its best but, might be unsure about how to remedy this. Luckily, there are lots of different ways you can transform the look of your wooden floor, without having to spend a fortune on replacing the entire floor. Of course, there will be instances where the floor is beyond repair. However, in most cases an expert will be able to assess your floor and recommend restoration or other types of wood floor solutions to help bring it back to life. If you’re wondering if your wooden floor is a good candidate for repair work or maintenance, then read on…

What type of damage can be repaired?

The good news is lots of types of damage to wood flooring can be repaired by a professional. These include scratches, scuff marks, stains and even some types of water damage. A specialist contractor can remove any surface level damage like scratches through wood floor sanding. Sanding removes imperfections by taking off the top layer of the wood. This process will leave your floor looking brand-new.

It’s well known that water and wood don’t mix well. Even a small amount of water can cause severe damage. This can occur from simply everyday activities such as from cleaning with a mop, when too much water is left on the surface of a floor. Even steam cleaners can actually damage your floor and are not recommended for us on hardwood. If you’ve started to see signs of damage, like warping or ballooning of the wood, an expert can repair this with type of water damage with sanding techniques.

Damage to individual boards may also be repaired. This would involve a contractor removing these boards and replacing them. They may then sand the floor and refinish it to make sure you have a consistent and uniform look to your flooring.

What type of wood flooring can be repaired?

One of the benefits to wood over other types of flooring material is it can be repaired much easier than carpets or vinyl. And the good news is that any hardwood floor can be repaired. From straight boards, to parquet whatever style of wood floor you have, it can benefit from the services of a contractor to help keep it looking in good condition. One of the most popular types of hard wood floor is parquet flooring. It’s often used in school halls and gyms but has also become an on-trend, interior design choice in recent years. Because the boards are positioned in different directions, and are often much smaller, parquet flooring can be more susceptible to damage. If you’re looking for someone to help you with Manchester parquet repairs, there’s lots of professionals who can help.

What is refinishing?

Refinishing is simply the process of replacing the finish you have on your floor. Depending on the type of finish, which was applied in the first place, the contractor can use a few different methods. Firstly, for oil finishes on floors, a professional will only have to add another layer of the oil finish to your floor. The benefit to this type of finish is it penetrates the wood and can help to protect the entire floorboard rather than the just the surface.

However, for floors with a lacquer finish, this will need to be removed entirely through sanding before the new layer of finish can be added. This is because adding more finish to the floor would create an excessively thick coating to the top of the floor. This would mean you would struggle to see the grains of wood and the floor would lose its natural look and effect. When it comes to hardwood floor finish Manchester, you should always hire a professional for the best results.

When looking to refinish a floor in a commercial space, it’s especially important to use a high quality, durable finish. This is because of the level of foot traffic which will likely be passing over the floor, it will require a heavy-duty product to ensure the floor stays adequately protected for as long as possible. A professional will be able to help advise on the best commercial wood floor finish Manchester.

When replacing you floor is the only option

Sometimes the level of damage to your floor is to much for a flooring contractor to repair. This is usually when there has been a significant amount of damage, repairs have already been made to the floor or water damage which has affected the wood at more than surface level. In these instances, it is recommended that you replace the entire floor and ensure regular maintenance of the new flooring to ensure it lasts as long as possible in the future.

For more information about wood flooring solutions, speak to our expert team on 0161 945 8475 or email [email protected]



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