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5 Tips To Use Mascots To Supercharge Your Small Business Marketing Plan

Running a small business is complicated because there’s a lot to do. Marketing is one of the hardest parts of making a mark in a competitive landscape. Did you know that using mascots can give your marketing plan a killer edge?

Statistics show that mascots have a 22.2% endorsement success rate, which is far better than celebrities’ 3.9% effectiveness. And they cost a fraction, making them just right for small businesses. But effectively incorporating a mascot into your marketing plan takes a strategic approach.

And how do you do it on a tight budget? We’ve got you covered with a few tips to supercharge your efforts and make your brand stand out. Let’s dive in and get your business visible with some actionable tricks.

Keep it memorable and unique

If you want to use a mascot to represent your brand, ensure sure it stands out in the crowd. Make it memorable and instantly recognizable so that consumers think of your business when they see it.

Create a unique one with a distinct personality. Use the USPs of your brand as inspiration for the character’s design and behavior. Give it a name and create a backstory reflecting your values and mission.

Narrate stories

Using your mascot to tell stories is a great way to engage with your target audience and build brand loyalty. You can do it through animated videos and social media posts. With stories featuring the character, you can humanize your brand and make it more relatable.

And it’s a fun way to promote your small business and build a community around it. People love sharing compelling stories, making it a good way to extend your outreach.

Leverage different channels

Marketing is no longer about radio ads and outdoor banners. It also includes brand websites, social media profiles, email newsletters, and online ads. You can make the most of your mascot by leveraging different channels to showcase it.

Make it a part of your website and create social media pages and posts around it. Why not invest in Custom Mascot Costumes for retail and event marketing? It enables the audience to interact with the character in person, which strengthens the connection.

Create merchandise

You can create merchandise featuring your mascot’s image to maximize its potential. Who doesn’t love freebies?  Give away promotional t-shirts, hats, mugs, and bags with mascot prints.

When people wear or use the merchandise, they subtly promote your small business. And you can always monetize the merchandise once the mascot becomes popular.

Promote social causes

Everyone loves a brand with a cause, right? Why not use your mascot to promote a social cause that aligns with your values? It could be raising awareness about a particular issue or supporting a local charity.

By being vocal about a cause, you can get the right kind of attention for your brand. It also fosters customer loyalty in the long run, all without breaking the bank. What else could you want?


Having a mascot seems like a big-enterprise thing, but it’s a great option for small businesses. You can use it to fuel your marketing plans without hefty spending. Follow these tips to win the game!



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