Home Automotive National Figures Offer Motorists Guidance to Avoid Costly Fines for Number Plate Violations

National Figures Offer Motorists Guidance to Avoid Costly Fines for Number Plate Violations

National Figures Offer Motorists Guidance to Avoid Costly Fines for Number Plate Violations

Drivers Urged to Remain Updated on Number Plate Regulations to Avoid Penalties

Motorists are being strongly advised to inspect their number plates to eliminate the potential risk of incurring substantial fines or failing their MOT tests.

Experts at National Numbers, a leading provider of personalized registrations, have cautioned drivers to ensure their number plates comply with road regulations, especially if they have purchased a new vehicle or installed new plates after September 2021, when the law underwent changes.

The updated regulations prohibit the use of number plates with printed 3D-style digits and those featuring two-tone effects, including carbon fibre designs with black and grey lettering.

The revised rules now permit only solid black digits, ensuring a clear contrast between the background and the letters. This contrast aids Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras in accurately identifying vehicles on the road, even when they are traveling at high speeds, during the day or at night.

All newly issued number plates must adhere to the enhanced British Standard BS AU 145e, which replaced BS AU 145d two years ago. This change was implemented to address concerns related to road safety and law enforcement.

Number plates manufactured to the new standard are also more resilient to abrasion, offering increased protection against dirt, road grime, and jet-washing.

“There are still drivers on the road who remain unaware of these requirements, leaving them vulnerable to avoidable fines,” said David Edwards, the operations director at National Numbers, the UK’s longest-established dealer of personalized registrations.

“Considering that these regulations have been in effect since late 2021, traffic authorities are unlikely to show leniency to those claiming ignorance when stopped. Therefore, National Numbers urges all drivers to ensure their number plates comply with the law.”

Failure to display number plates correctly can result in fines of up to £1,000 and cause a vehicle to fail its MOT test. In some cases, the registration number may be permanently revoked.

However, the consequences could be even more severe, as insurance companies may view the offense unfavorably and potentially refuse to provide coverage following an accident if the number plates are not road legal.

Fortunately, motorists have several legal options for obtaining compliant replacements.

Traditional acrylic number plates, which feature solid black printed digits, are widely used and comply with the new regulations, ensuring clear visibility and legibility.

An increasing number of drivers are now opting for 3D and 4D plates, commonly known as gel digits and solid black acrylic digits, respectively. These options offer a distinctive finish and remain within the rules as long as the digits cannot be removed.

Car owners are encouraged to visit our website to explore a wide range of alternative number plate formats.


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