Home Business Clinical Partners Expands with Acquisition of ADHD and Autism Assessment Clinic

Clinical Partners Expands with Acquisition of ADHD and Autism Assessment Clinic

Clinical Partners Expands with Acquisition of ADHD and Autism Assessment Clinic

Prominent provider of mental health treatment, Clinical Partners Limited, has successfully acquired Oxford ADHD & Autism Centre (“Oxford ADHD”), further bolstering its neurodevelopmental services.

As one of the largest independent providers of mental health and neurodevelopmental services in the UK, Clinical Partners caters to both the NHS and private sectors. With a dedicated workforce exceeding 400 professionals and serving approximately 40,000 patients annually, the company is committed to expanding its capacity and reaching as many individuals as possible.

Founded by Dr Polly Branney in 2015, Oxford ADHD & Autism Centre specialises in diagnosing and supporting children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders and associated conditions. The clinic has built a reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality services in the Oxford area. Around 40 specialist staff members from Oxford ADHD will join Clinical Partners as part of the acquisition.

Dr Alice Parshall, Chief Medical Officer at Clinical Partners, expressed delight at welcoming the Oxford ADHD Centre team, highlighting their reputation for delivering safe and effective services. Dr Parshall emphasised the shared commitment to enhancing patient care and expressed enthusiasm for utilising the combined experience and expertise of both teams to further develop services for patients and families.

Dr Polly Branney, reflecting on the acquisition, explained that she established the clinic eight years ago in response to a significant gap in local provision for individuals requiring autism and ADHD assessments. Since its inception, Oxford ADHD has provided treatment to over 3,000 patients and partnered with various NHS services to facilitate access to expert support for both children and adults.

Recognising the rising demand for services and the advantages of being part of a larger organisation with a focus on growth and training, Dr Branney identified Clinical Partners as the ideal fit for Oxford ADHD’s future endeavors. She expressed well wishes for everyone involved as Oxford ADHD embarks on the next chapter of its mission within the Clinical Partners network.

The acquisition, involving the entire share capital of Oxford ADHD, was finalised on June 20, 2023, for an undisclosed amount. CapEQ (M&A) advised Oxford ADHD, with legal guidance provided by Freeths. Keystone Law offered legal advice to Clinical Partners.

Mark Sapsford, Director at CapEQ, remarked on the importance of accessible mental health support in today’s world and expressed pride in facilitating the successful transaction. He extended best wishes to both parties, emphasising the potential for combining their strengths to deliver even more effective support and treatment in the Thames Valley and beyond.

Malin Svanberg Larsson, Partner at Freeths, expressed delight in assisting Dr Branney and the Oxford ADHD team throughout the transaction. She conveyed well wishes to both Clinical Partners and Oxford ADHD, recognising the invaluable mental health support they continue to provide across the NHS and private sector.


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