Home Food & Drink Rave Coffee’s New Headquarters: A Paradigm Shift in the World of Coffee

Rave Coffee’s New Headquarters: A Paradigm Shift in the World of Coffee

Rave Coffee’s New Headquarters: A Paradigm Shift in the World of Coffee

Rave Coffee, a shining star in the realm of specialty coffee in the UK, is delighted to announce the inauguration of its new headquarters in the historic market town of Cirencester.

This momentous move represents far more than just a change of location – it signifies a remarkable milestone in Rave Coffee’s journey, showcasing its expansion and reflecting its unwavering dedication to providing customers with the finest quality coffee.

Nestled in the heart of Cirencester, Rave Coffee’s new headquarters seamlessly combines modern design and functionality, creating an environment that breathes new life into the art of coffee-making. This state-of-the-art facility houses a roastery, café, and shop, offering an exceptional and immersive experience for coffee enthusiasts.

The roastery stands as the beating heart of the operation, where the alchemy of transforming raw, green coffee beans into exquisitely roasted coffee takes place. The café, on the other hand, provides a space for customers to indulge in the flavours and aromas of various coffee varieties while deepening their understanding of the journey from farm to cup. Additionally, the shop grants customers the opportunity to bring a piece of the Rave Coffee experience home, with a range of coffee beans, brewing equipment, and merchandise available.

The story behind Rave Coffee’s path to its new headquarters is one fuelled by passion, perseverance, and an unyielding love for coffee. Co-founders Rob and Vikki Hodge embarked on a journey that led them from the corporate world in the UK to the vibrant coffee scene in Australia, before returning to the UK to establish Rave Coffee. This decision was driven by their fascination with the coffee production process and their determination to provide exceptional coffee experiences.

The new headquarters in Cirencester stands as a testament to their vision and the culmination of their journey – a space where their passion for coffee can thrive and inspire others. The Rave Coffee team meticulously sources beans from around the world, prioritising flavour and quality. This unwavering dedication to the craft ensures that every cup offers a unique and delightful experience, earning Rave Coffee a devoted customer base and a reputation for excellence within the coffee industry. The new headquarters symbolises this spirit and holds the promise of even greater achievements to come.

Rave Coffee warmly invites all coffee lovers to visit their new headquarters and immerse themselves in the dedication that goes into every cup of their coffee. For more information about Rave Coffee and its new headquarters, please visit https://ravecoffee.co.uk/.


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