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Elevating Event Security: The Role of E-ticketing Management Software

Whatever type of event that you are organising, you’ll understand that the security of the event if imperative to its success. You need your attendees to feel safe at all times and for the physical security on site to be at its best throughout the entire event, and even before it and after it. Another aspect of event security that should be central to your planning relates to the tickets that your attendees purchase. The best eticketing software helps you to manage the entire process from start to finish, providing the highest levels of digital security that keeps your attendees data safe and secure, and provides limits to fraud and forgery potential.

Good eticketing platforms provide many benefits to event planners and organisers. It helps to increase sales by creating an environment that is smooth and simple for attendees, providing them with everything they need to get to, and enjoy an event, all in the palm of their hand. Alongside this, you do need to consider the security of the event. The security of a live event covers the event itself and the physical security and safety of everyone present on site on the day, but it also covers the security of data and information of all customers, including their payment details and personal information on the ticketing system itself.

Secure registration – once your customers have bought the tickets securely, the next step is to provide secure registration and ticketing systems. This is where customer data needs to be held securely, following all data protection regulations. By providing your customers with a secure and simple to use registration and payment process, it makes it a much more attractive proposition for future events.

Robust payment process – the ideal eticketing management software should be designed around providing the highest level of security for both the attendee and the event organiser and ticket supplier. When it comes to the moment a customer wishes to pay for a ticket online, there must be a secure process for them to do so. Compliance with the latest payment gateway regulations is crucial, and an eticketing management software provides you with the best way to provide this process and to track payments with a view to assigning to paying customers.

Coordinate your team – eticketing management software is a great way to help coordinate your entire team in the build-up to the event and on the day itself. It helps you to understand exactly what it required and what can be expected in terms of attendee numbers and the like. The best software solutions provide live data that helps the entire operation to run as smoothly as possible.

Limit forgery and ticket fraud – one of the biggest reasons why eticketing platforms are desirable for event managers is that it helps them to get a tighter grip over the security of attendees in terms of ticket touting and ticket forgery. It was much easier in the past for ticket touts to provide tickets at an extortionate resale value to third-party buyers, and it was easier for physical tickets to be forged. An eticket has in-built security features and can include a QR code that changes constantly until it has been scanned at the event turnstile. What this means in practice is that you cannot screenshot and send an eticket on easily, and it promotes the idea of your ticket being yours alone. This does bring up the issue of selling your ticket back to the provider or transferring to others, and how safe and secure this process can be, but that is for another discussion. In terms of ticket touts, they will find

Reliable system – a good event ticketing management software allows you to offer reliability to your customers and provide a stable connection to the ticketing system for event managers and employees at all times. You need to minimise downtime so that tickets are always accessible in the run up to, and more importantly during, the event itself. A good ticketing website and app should have a high uptime of 98% and above.

Keep track of attendees – one of the biggest challenges of any event is with attendee check-ins. This can be difficult for both physical and digital tickets, but with the right type of eticketing management software, you can keep track of accurate, live data tracking of tickets as they are scanned at the event turnstile, whilst monitoring attendee movements whilst the event is on, in terms of merchandise sales and the like. This helps to maintain security during the event itself, knowing how many attendees with purchased tickets have turned up, and how many people are on site at any given time as a result.

As you can see, there are many different ways in which eticketing platforms and management software for live events can be leveraged to boost security levels for your event. Every attendee to an event, whether a small music event, a big festival, or live sports event, wants to know that they are safe on the day, but also that their data and information has been collected, processed, and stored in an efficient and secure way. Creating this overall secure environment, where the customer and their security is placed at the heart of the entire event operation.

Eticketing software gives you the best chance to take the pressure off your event planning. It helps an event organiser to have a smooth and secure ticketing platform that works seamlessly for customers with easy access to tickets and information, and a safe and secure payment processing system , but it also provides organisers with the best way to maintain security of data, to ward off potential fraud, ticket touting and ticket forgery. There are a few different security issues to understand and to put in place protocols and processes that an eticketing management software can help with.



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