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Should All Lancashire Business Owners Consider Growth Through Mobile Apps?

It would have been hard to predict 20 years ago that everyone would be carrying a rapidly connecting internet device in their pockets, but this is where society has come to. In the UK, 98 percent of people own a mobile phone now, with most of these being smartphones.

Businesses in Lancashire that have already adapted to the modern technological age have flourished, with app-based companies starting to reign supreme. All business owners should now consider adding a mobile app to their existing web offerings to grow their customer base.

Why is a Mobile App Necessary for a Business in 2023?

It has long been almost essential for businesses to offer a website, and now it’s becoming more pertinent for them to also have an app. Research has shown that more than half of people in the UK use a mobile device to access the internet, with laptops and desktops in decline. For businesses that want to expand into other territories such as Africa and India, those figures are skewed more greatly in favour of mobile. All websites nowadays should be optimised with HTML5 technology to adapt to the smaller screen, but there are advantages to also offering a mobile app with handy functions to enhance the user experience.

Some of the top businesses in the UK have found great success thanks to their adoption of mobile apps. Deliveroo, for instance, is a primarily app-based service that offers users the opportunity to order from a range of restaurants in their area. The app connects the customer, restaurant, and driver seamlessly and has been so successful that it is now valued at around £1.8 million. Other apps like Tinder and TikTok have also enjoyed a lot of user growth in recent years across the country.

Other booming online sectors have benefited from the use of mobile apps in recent years as well. There are countless mobile casinos in Ireland in 2023 that are all vying for users’ attention through special offers and bonuses. For instance, Nine Casino has a deposit match bonus and 250 free spins for new players. All the games are easy to find in the app, which has different sections for players to navigate.

Offering a mobile app can improve the user experience and help customers navigate a company’s services more easily. There are plenty of handy functions as well, such as push notifications to remind users to make a purchase. All this can lead to increased sales and revenue, with research showing that mobile apps drive 50 per cent more conversions than mobile websites. Mobile apps can also enhance brand loyalty. They enable businesses to offer personalised experiences such as loyalty rewards and product recommendations based on past purchases.

How Can Business Owners Develop Mobile Apps?

Businesses in Lancashire that jump on mobile apps now can take advantage of their benefits, and a lot of people are wondering how to get started. The big stumbling block for a lot of entrepreneurs can be figuring out how to set up an app. There are many things to consider when delving into this form of content, so it’s crucial to set some objectives at the start. There are myriad ways that apps can differ in terms of complexity as well, so it’s a good idea to decide how consumers will use it. If your company is an app-based service that relies heavily on the mobile offering to function, the app will need moderators to constantly maintain it and make sure there are no bugs.

Creating a detailed mobile app that has a variety of functions will require the expertise of a development team, so business owners need to way up how much they can afford to invest in it. The best way to get started is to develop a plan and then take this to an agency to discuss options. An experienced company could suggest the best way to put your dream into action using their past expertise working with other businesses. The coders would also be able to test and refine the app to ensure it’s working smoothly before launch. Apps can be promoted through the App Store as well, giving businesses another marketing outlet. It can take some time to develop a mobile app, but it can pay off handsomely.

Many of the top 100 businesses in the UK now use mobile apps to boost their growth. Anyone who owns a company in Lancashire should look to do the same, as it can be a great way to get ahead of the competition. With more people accessing the internet from mobile than ever before, businesses that don’t have apps could soon be left behind.



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