Home Business Prestigious Welsh Distillery Expands its Acclaimed Spirit Assortment with Innovative Vodka Infusion

Prestigious Welsh Distillery Expands its Acclaimed Spirit Assortment with Innovative Vodka Infusion

Prestigious Welsh Distillery Expands its Acclaimed Spirit Assortment with Innovative Vodka Infusion

Wild Moon, a lauded Welsh distillery renowned for its award-winning creations, is embarking on an exciting trajectory by broadening its premium spirits range to encompass a one-of-a-kind Vodka. Nestled in Wrexham, North Wales, this distillery, under the visionary leadership of Jade Garston – also known as the Welsh Witch – has harnessed the essence of nature to craft an exceptional vodka brimming with natural essences. Imbued with inspiration from Welsh pagan folklore, this ethereal vodka stands as the sixth opulent spirit to grace the distillery’s repertoire.

Dubbed “Lammas,” this novel vodka pays homage to the Wheel of the Year’s subsequent phase, celebrating the inaugural grain harvest – a juncture for reaping the bountiful crops and offering gratitude for their abundance.

The distillery, operating as a family-run establishment since 2019, has consistently woven spells of excellence into its spirits. Three of its elixirs have garnered commendation and accolades from esteemed panels like the Great Taste Awards. Buoyed by this recognition, Jade and her adept team hold great expectations for their newest creation: a triple-distilled vodka.

Distinguished as the sole distillery with a female proprietor, Wild Moon harmonizes its creations with the celestial dance of lunar cycles. Lammas vodka is a fusion of Welsh distilled water sourced from the Ffynnon Beuno Welsh mountains, aligned with the Celtic pagan roots that underpin the Welsh Witch Spirit collection. Their meticulous method encompasses the vodka’s passage through reiki-infused crystals, including aquamarine, amethyst, and moonstone, infusing it with energy purification and balance. Each bottle receives a bespoke touch as it’s adorned with hand-corking and wax-sealing in the signature apothecary style synonymous with the brand.

Jade Garston, a trailblazing female distiller in the UK, elucidates, “The introduction of our new vodka is a momentous addition to our array, gestating for a considerable duration before its unveiling to the public. Our ethos revolves around perpetually conjuring libations that resonate with aficionados. Every spirit we craft boasts a distinctive journey, setting it apart from the conventional. The small-batch, hands-on approach in our North Wales distillery empowers us to infuse every stage with care and meticulous attention, enabling us to stay faithful to our values.”

Jade goes on to enthuse, “Anticipation mounts as we eagerly await the reception of our new vodka by our discerning clientele. Personally, I find our new vodka truly captivating, and my chosen mixer is a revitalising botanical cola.”

In the coming days, the vodka will find its way into bars and pubs, standing proudly beside Wild Moon’s esteemed gins and rums. The air is abuzz with excitement, echoing Jade’s sentiments, “This is a remarkably thrilling juncture for the Wild Moon Distillery.”

Discerning enthusiasts can secure the new vodka starting today through our online emporium: https://www.wild-moon.co.uk/

For direct access to the vodka, visit: https://www.wild-moon.co.uk/shop/welsh-witch-vodka


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