Home Financial Virtualnonexecs Operator Network Garners Significant Attention from Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds

Virtualnonexecs Operator Network Garners Significant Attention from Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds

Virtualnonexecs Operator Network Garners Significant Attention from Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds

Virtualnonexecs, a prominent platform linking private equity, venture capital, and family office professionals with a network of seasoned non-executives and board advisors, is thrilled to announce its remarkable progress within the investment community. Through its groundbreaking approach, Virtualnonexecs is fundamentally reshaping the process of non-executive and chair placements.

A Game-Changing Solution for the Investment Community

Virtualnonexecs has swiftly become the preferred resource for private equity and venture capital firms aiming to elevate their strategic decision-making. The platform’s innovative design facilitates seamless connections between funds and an extensive community of top-tier non-executives and board advisors. This streamlined approach not only expedites the recruitment process but also ensures that funds gain access to the most suitable candidates, considerably reducing the time and resources typically invested in critical searches.

Substantial Cost Efficiency for the Investment Sector

In an era where every pound spent is closely scrutinised, Virtualnonexecs is making a significant impact by delivering substantial cost savings to the investment community. With each non-executive or chair placement, funds (and their portfolio businesses) are saving tens of thousands of pounds – a feat that is reshaping the economics of the industry. This financial advantage not only enhances fund performance but also underscores Virtualnonexecs’ commitment to generating value for its users.

A Vast and Well-Connected Community

Virtualnonexecs takes immense pride in leading the way in non-executive and board advisory connections. With a contact base likely to be the largest and most interconnected of its kind, the platform provides a diverse pool of experienced professionals, each equipped with a proven track record of success across diverse industries. This ensures that funds gain unparalleled access to the expertise that holds utmost relevance for their specific investment objectives.

Pioneering the Future of Investment Excellence

“The response from the private equity and venture capital community has been overwhelming,” stated Ian Wright, CEO and Founder at Virtualnonexecs. “We take pride in spearheading the transformation of how non-executive and chair placements are carried out. Our Operator Network isn’t merely a platform; it represents a revolution that empowers funds to make informed decisions efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Wright further elaborated, “The new VNXD Operator Network interface enables funds to independently search and select their own Chairs and Non-Executives, while also offering a credit system that allows them to opt for a fully managed service provided by an executive search expert. Moreover, clients can receive real-time notifications about new, remarkable talent.”

With over 4,000 of the 17,000 members actively seeking roles that allow them to co-invest (actively or passively), and more than £200 million in investable funds, Virtualnonexecs serves as a catalyst for both talent and capital convergence. Since its inception in 2019, the platform has been embraced by 300 investment firms, a testament to its value.

Ian Wright emphasised that the new VNXD Operator Network interface into the community provides an abundant source of talent and imminent deal flow for professional services firms and the investment sector. He further highlighted, “A significant indicator of upcoming M&A activities is the appointment of a Chair or NED.”

As Virtualnonexecs continues to forge connections between funds and top-tier non-executives and board advisors, the investment community can anticipate a future where strategic decisions are fortified by a network of seasoned minds at a fraction of the conventional cost, all backed by an experienced team when needed.


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