Home Food & Drink RumRover Launches as the UK’s Exclusive Club for Rum Enthusiasts: Join the Rumvolution!

RumRover Launches as the UK’s Exclusive Club for Rum Enthusiasts: Join the Rumvolution!

RumRover Launches as the UK’s Exclusive Club for Rum Enthusiasts: Join the Rumvolution!

Today, a new era in rum exploration begins as RumRover, the UK’s exclusive rum membership club, opens its doors to young adults eager to embark on a journey of risk-free rum discovery.

“RumRover is not just a subscription service; it’s a rum revolution, inviting young adults to a guided, hassle-free, and enjoyable journey through the vast world of rum,” said Charlotte Fairbairn, founder of RumRover. “The UK Rum scene is booming but it’s rapidly becoming an impenetrable maze. There are over 500 different bottles of rum available to buy between £20-£40, across hundreds of brands – knowing where to start is virtually impossible, and nobody wants to risk their hard-earned cash on something they might not enjoy. With young people constituting over half of the UK rum market, RumRover arrives as a timely innovation, offering an exclusive platform where young adults can quickly develop their personal appreciation of rum affordably and from a standing start.”

RumRover strategically launches just ahead of the highly anticipated UK RumFest Live event scheduled for October 14-15th in London. This timing provides an excellent opportunity for members to immerse themselves in the rich world of rum, with over 100+ distinct brands to explore.

Introducing RumMatch: Your Personal AI Rum Connoisseur

What sets RumRover apart from other membership clubs is RumMatch, a unique AI recommendation engine that is poised to become every rum enthusiast’s best friend. By collecting individual feedback on monthly rum samples, RumMatch impartially and accurately generates personalised recommendations for which bottles to explore next. Trustworthy and intuitive, it unveils perfect rum matches after six samples have received feedback, providing members with a truly bespoke rum exploration experience.

Exclusive Member Benefits: Personalised Recommendations and Special Pricing

Going beyond offering premium, craft, and undiscovered brand rum samples, RumRover promises an enhanced experience through AI-driven personalised rum recommendations. These recommendations aid members in navigating the extensive world of rum quickly and seamlessly. Members can access their RumMatch recommendations through an exclusive members-only store, where they can also enjoy exclusive pricing and promotional benefits. This paves the way for an affordable approach to building a bespoke, premium rum collection.

The Most Affordable Rum Subscription Available, with Limited Launch Membership Pricing — Act Fast to Secure Your Spot

To celebrate its launch, RumRover offers an unbeatable introductory price starting as low as £10 per month, using the promo code LAUNCH10. This special offer is exclusively available to the first 500 subscribers, giving early birds a golden opportunity to join at a discounted rate. This incredibly low rate establishes RumRover as the most affordable rum subscription membership available in the UK.

The Perfect Eco-Conscious Gift

Whether gifting a rum aficionado or a novice eager to learn, a RumRover membership makes for an ideal choice this festive season. It promises a journey of discovery and a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of rum profiles and distilleries, delivered monthly to the recipient’s doorstep. Furthermore, it’s a gift that’s eco-conscious, as RumRover helps reduce waste from unloved bottles, and the monthly membership box is fully recyclable.

Join the Rumvolution today with RumRover and embark on a rum-tastic adventure like never before.


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