Home Business Stride & Glory Sets Course for Expansive Growth in 2024 Marathon Coaching Market

Stride & Glory Sets Course for Expansive Growth in 2024 Marathon Coaching Market

Stride & Glory Sets Course for Expansive Growth in 2024 Marathon Coaching Market

Stride & Glory, spearheaded by founder Carl Wakeford, is excited to announce an extensive expansion of its marathon coaching services, responding to a surge in demand from its dedicated customer base.

The program has been lauded for its transformative approach to marathon coaching, aimed at enhancing both personal and professional resilience. Stride & Glory distinguishes itself with its in-depth, individualised support, focusing on mental attitude, specialised training systems, and a holistic approach that transcends conventional training techniques. The program is particularly noted for its motivational enhancement, boundary-setting strategies, and its tailored approach for expectant and new parents, often from affluent backgrounds, who are in search of healthier lifestyle options.

Carl Wakeford, who transitioned from a stressful career in chartered accountancy, established Stride & Glory based on his personal experiences of overcoming adversities. The coaching team, with expertise in both corporate and elite military backgrounds, is well-versed in managing the demands of high-stress environments. Wakeford’s own path from struggling with low self-esteem to discovering resilience through marathon training encapsulates the program’s core principles. His role as a caregiver for a quadriplegic relative has infused the program with a focus on developing self-belief, mental resilience, and physical robustness, crucial for tackling life’s challenges.

Stride & Glory’s success is evidenced by its stellar reputation, including 69 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and a remarkable 99% 5-star success rate. The program has earned significant recognition, including the Community Impact Award in the Health and Wellbeing category at the UK Business Awards, for its substantial impact on individuals’ lives. Clients have reported transformative experiences, evolving from beginner runners to marathon completers, attributing their enhanced physical condition and indomitable spirit to the program.

Carl Wakeford states: “At the heart of Stride & Glory’s philosophy is the belief that anyone can run a marathon and build resilience with the right support and guidance. Our program challenges the perception that marathons are inaccessible feats, emphasising that crossing the finish line is a testament to the strength and character of the individual. We are proud of the sizeable shift in client achievements we see following our mentorship.”


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