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5 benefits of a Juliet balcony revealed

These days, reducing barriers between the indoors and outdoors is an ever-more important part of interior and building design. People want to be able to access natural light and air without having to leave the comforts of their home.

Perhaps that’s why properties with first-floor windows or above – whether houses or apartments – are increasingly taking advantage of adding Juliet balconies.

Named for the titular character of Shakespeare’s most well-known play, Romeo & Juliet, this structure is a type of false balcony that installs a guard railing across an opening on an upper floor.

While you can’t walk out onto a platform or create an outdoor seating area, there are still plenty of benefits of Juliet balconies that make them a brilliant alternative to traditional balconies.

If you’re thinking about adding one (or several) to your home, here are five advantages a Juliet balcony can offer to help you decide.

1) Easy and affordable to install

Constructing a traditional balcony requires more engineering, time, labour, and money – not to mention planning permission. A Juliet balcony is typically considered a permitted development, unless you have to structurally alter the wall for the window opening, making it more cost-effective.

This type of balconette is therefore faster and cheaper to install, and easier to maintain. While simple, they make an elegant addition, improving the curb appeal of your property as well as the facilities from the inside. Increasing the property value is a bonus if you’ll eventually be selling it.

2) Strong, safe, and durable

Installing a strong balustrade across a large window or door allows you to leave them open without worrying about small children or pets falling out. There’s no projecting platform and little to no gap, so you can enjoy the view and afternoon breezes safely from the shelter of your room inside.

As with all balcony structures, Juliet balconies must comply with safety regulations for materials, dimensions, and fixing methods. The balustrade may seem delicate, but whether it’s made of metal or toughened glass, it will be strong enough to hold up against impacts and endure the elements.

3) Aesthetically pleasing

As mentioned above, a Juliet balcony adds unique aesthetic appeal to a property from the outside, but it can also transform the aesthetics of the interior space. Depending on the size of the window or doors and how they open, you can create all sorts of spaces just inside with varying décor styles.

Traditional wrought iron railings lend a classic European look, while modern glass is chic and sleek for a seamless appearance that suits any kind of building façade and interior scheme. Whichever you choose, your space will look and feel more elegant and airy – impressing passersby and visitors alike.

4) Natural light and fresh air

Natural light and fresh air are key elements that we all need to maintain our physical health and mental wellbeing, but not everybody has access to a private outdoor space like a garden or rooftop.

Juliet balconies allow you to step up to the balustrade and experience the outdoors without actually having to set foot outside – letting the sunlight flood in and the air circulate throughout the interiors.

Whether the balcony window or doors lead to a lounge, dining area, kitchen, or bedroom, it will expand the possibilities of the living space to help residents feel more relaxed and comfortable.

5) Making the most of space

Juliet balconies are an ideal solution when space is limited and more extensive construction isn’t possible (whether due to financial, spatial, or regulatory constraints). Just because there’s no external floor space doesn’t mean you can’t create your own internal balcony area on the inside.

Be it a bistro-style dining or seating area, a reading nook, a plant collection, or even a hammock – you can style your own set-up in front of the balcony so that you can sit and relax with the window or doors open and feel as though you’re sitting on a real balcony – without as much weather exposure!

Is a Juliet balcony right for you?

If you want the benefits of a balcony without actually constructing one, then turning an upper storey window into a Juliet balcony could be the cost-efficient answer you’ve been looking for.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you consult an expert to determine the right measurements, materials, and extent of alterations required to turn the window into a functional balconette.

With so many possibilities for Juliet balcony styles and so many ways to incorporate them into your interior design, it’s sure to be a project that pays off, with results that you’ll enjoy for years to come.



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