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Sule Hair Transplant Clinic Sheds Light on the Rising Popularity of Hair Transplants in Turkey

Europe, where hair loss is exceptionally prevalent, sees a surge in citizens seeking hair transplantation solutions in Turkey. Şule Ölmez, founder of the esteemed Sule Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul, elucidates the reasons behind Turkey’s ascendancy in the field, having treated a diverse international clientele.

With an increasing number of Europeans grappling with significant hair loss, many are turning to hair transplantation for a definitive remedy. Clinics in Turkey, annually hosting thousands of global health tourists, have become a prime choice across Europe. Şule Ölmez, a leading female entrepreneur in this sector, operating her clinic with a skilled team in Istanbul, stated, “We offer hair transplantation and dental treatment services to thousands of patients from all over the world, especially those coming from the European countries.”

The Prevalence of Hair Loss in Europe

Extensive studies highlight that hair loss is now a widespread issue throughout Europe. Eight of the top ten countries struggling with this condition are in Europe, with the Czech Republic leading, followed by Spain, Germany, France, and the UK. Many seeking a lasting solution opt for Turkey, renowned for its affordable costs and internationally acclaimed services.

Şule Ölmez speaks about Turkey’s position in hair transplantation, “Turkey has become a hub for hair transplantation with its superior success rates and quality services worldwide. We also contribute to this success with our high standard services that prioritise patient satisfaction.”

High Levels of Patient Satisfaction

“We have achieved a 99% satisfaction rate in hair transplantation, showcasing our commitment to individualised treatment and exceptional care. Our patients are seen as part of our family, allowing us to develop bespoke treatment plans aligned with their unique needs and expectations.”

Emphasising Service Quality

Şule Ölmez underscores her clinic’s focus on service excellence, “Although we perform fewer operations, we prefer to provide a higher standard of service in each procedure. We support our patients during both the operation and the recovery period, ensuring their constant comfort and safety.”

Combining Treatment with Tourism

Şule Ölmez underlines the dual benefit of treatment and tourism for foreign patients. “Patients who come to Turkey need to stay for 4 days to complete various procedures. Since hair transplantation process has already been completed in this process, they could use their remaining time by visiting Istanbul. So much so that this opportunity increases the attractiveness of our clinic for European citizens who visit Istanbul the most. We make the most suitable plan for our patients according to the hair transplant package they choose. For instance, in the all-inclusive hair transplant package, we arrange the airport transfer and accommodation. In order for each of our patients to leave Turkey satisfied, we accompany them from the first meeting to the completion of the recovery process. In this way, we make hair transplantation process a pleasant trip while ensuring that they return to their country happily.”

Sam Allcock
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