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Essential Tips to Secure Your Van: Preventing Theft

UK businesses are struggling to reduce van theft, an issue that causes millions of dollars in losses each year. Vans hold valuable equipment, expensive tools, and personal documents, making them prime targets for thieves.

Knowing how to secure your van can help keep your business safe. This article reveals the most effective strategies for deterring crime, including locks and smart parking tips.

Physical security measures

Locks and keys

One of the best ways to prevent theft is to make it more challenging to get into the van. High-quality locks, which can’t be picked or broken easily, can help.

Some locks shut when you close the door, meaning you’ll never forget to secure them.

Ensure you never leave keys lying around in or on the van. Don’t make duplicates unless you have to; the more duplicates you have, the higher the chance someone will break in.

Remove valuables

Instead of keeping valuable equipment in your van overnight, store it in a more secure location with 24/7 monitoring, like a storage unit. The extra hassle will be well worth saving the trouble of dealing with theft.


A van tracker is a small device that connects to your phone and shows you where your van is in real-time. If the vehicle is stolen, a tracker can easily trace its location so you can tell police where it is instead of losing it for good.

Security alarms

Another defence is a security alarm that makes a loud noise when a door opens. Many modern alarms can be controlled from your phone, so employees can deactivate them before they retrieve tools. Thieves will stop their attempts as soon as the noise begins.

Safe parking practices

Choose safe parking spots

Parking in a well-lit, populated area can lower your chances of vehicle theft. Whenever possible, choose locations monitored by security cameras or within view of security guards.

Parking tactics

Parking with rear and side doors against a wall makes it more challenging for thieves to access. Using a secure parking facility, like a garage with a gated entrance, also discourages theft.

Other considerations


Signs warning that an alarm system or tracker is in use are effective deterrents. Engraving equipment and van parts with identification numbers can also serve this purpose, making finding stolen parts easier.

Tinted windows

If thieves can’t see what is inside, they may skip your vehicle since they aren’t sure anything valuable is inside. In this case, they’ll often leave your van alone and move on to one without tinted windows.

When tinting windows, ensure you don’t pick a darker tint than the law in your area allows. If your tint is too dark, you’ll have trouble seeing through the windows and night and may get a ticket if there are laws regarding tints in your location.


Keep a record of what is inside your van. This way, you will know what has been stolen, which makes it simpler to find. Also, insurance companies often require this to file a claim.

Know when to be more vigilant

There are times you must be more vigilant to prevent theft. For example, crime increases at night, especially once nights get longer and darker.

Keep your business safe

With trackers, safe parking spots, and adequate documentation, you can be sure your van is safer against the rising number of thefts in the UK.



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