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Safety rules your business needs to follow

Businesses have a duty of care to ensure a safe workplace for employees. Specific health and safety rules can vary, depending on the industry, but there are some that are standard across all sectors.

Whether your business environment is an office, a factory, a site or any other environment, there are some standard safety rules that you need to follow to ensure all staff remain protected.

Health and safety training

This is an integral part of any onboarding process and employees should be trained on all aspects of health and safety that are relevant to their job. This training can be carried out in house or through third part providers.

It’s also crucial that training is updated on a regular basis or if anything changes in terms of risks in the building.


Office spaces and other work environments should be kept clean and tidy to prevent hygiene risks or trip hazards. Ensure staff clean up their workspaces and keep walkways free of clutter to help prevent trip hazards. Cleaning products and hand sanitizer should be readily available.

Office equipment

If your staff work at a desk, you’ll need to provide adequate equipment such as a chair, monitors and a mouse. This will ensure correct posture and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Fire safety

All business premises should have fire extinguishers available and communicate to staff what to do in the event of a fire. There should be meeting points and regular fire drills, with appointed employees in charge of coordinating these.

It’s imperative that all buildings have accessible entry and exit points, with these clearly marked.

Safety equipment

Depending on the nature of the business, personal protective equipment might include safety glasses, masks, gloves and clothing. Some businesses will rely on a range of equipment such as linear transducers to main accuracy and safe working conditions, especially in industries such as automotive and aerospace.


Appropriate signage should be used to warn employees of hazards such as wet floors or dangerous machinery. Signs can also be used to ensure that only authorized personnel enter certain areas that might be deemed unsafe.

First aid

Businesses should keep a first aid kit on the premises and have a formal process in place should someone suffer an injury. This should include an accident reporting process. First aid items might consist of bandages, tape, scissors, antiseptic wipes and cream, gloves and plasters. If staff work with hazardous materials such as chemicals, there should be relevant precautions in place in the case of any burns.

While it’s not always possible to remove all health and safety risks, by following these steps a business can create a safe environment for all staff.



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