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Healthcare Treatments Available in Germany

Healthcare Treatments Available in Germany

Tens of thousands of medical tourists from all over the world undergo their treatment in Germany annually. German healthcare is one of the best in the world. Therefore, medical tourists can expect safe, minimally traumatic, and most importantly, effective treatment using the latest technology. You are welcome to visit the Booking Health website to undergo your treatment at one of the German hospitals. Our website presents the best hospitals in Germany and the current prices for medical services.

What diseases can be treated in Germany?

Most often, people go to Germany to treat severe diseases that require operations or high-tech procedures.

Doctors at German hospitals achieve outstanding results in cancer treatment. Not only conventional abdominal surgery but also minimally invasive endoscopic, laparoscopic, and video-assisted thoracoscopic procedures are used here to remove tumors. The interventions are performed through small skin incisions or through the natural openings in the body. Robot-assisted surgeries are becoming more and more popular. State-of-the-art linear accelerators are used in Germany for radiation therapy, which deliver radiation to the tumor more accurately with minimal damage to adjacent tissues and a low risk of post-radiation complications. Many new procedures for cancer treatment are also available at German clinics, including chemoembolization, high-intensity focused ultrasound, various immunotherapy options, ablation, photodynamic therapy, etc.

Many patients go to Germany for heart surgery. Patients with valvular defects, coronary heart disease, and cardiomyopathies are successfully operated on here. In addition to standard operations, minimally invasive and robot-assisted interventions are performed here, as well as endovascular procedures, for example, for coronary artery stent implantation, artificial aortic valve implantation, or mitral valve repair.

There are many reputable orthopedic clinics in Germany. Each of them performs thousands of arthroplasty procedures on large joints annually. Artificial joints are implanted under computer navigation guidance, which increases the accuracy of endoprosthesis placement and reduces the risk of its loosening. The country is also famous for sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation. Most joint surgeries are performed here using a minimally invasive arthroscopic technique, that is, through skin and soft tissue incisions with a diameter of several millimeters.

Benefits of German medicine

The secret to the success of German medicine lies in the good funding of both healthcare and education. Germany therefore provides a high level of training for doctors and nurses. And what is more, all major hospitals have state-of-the-art equipment. In Germany, a great number of clinical trials are being carried out, as are treatment methods and medical equipment being developed. German clinics also rapidly implement innovations developed in other countries.

There are a few reasons for you to undergo your treatment in Germany. These are the following:

  • Accurate diagnosis: you will not be treated for a non-existent disease for years in Germany, and on the other hand, a dangerous disease will not be missed during the diagnostics
  • Surgeons perform minimally invasive operations through short incisions instead of conventional abdominal interventions
  • The use of high-tech procedures (endovascular and endoscopic) that allow doctors to refuse an open surgery and carry out treatment in one day
  • The use of state-of-the-art equipment, such as advanced linear accelerators for radiation therapy, which make cancer treatment safer
  • Doctors use innovative procedures that are not yet widely used in most countries in the world, such as proton therapy, deep brain stimulation, growing joint cartilage from stem cells, etc.

You are welcome to visit the Booking Health website to undergo your treatment at one of the German medical centers. On our website, you can select a hospital and a treatment program for your preferred dates. Our website shows the prices for all treatment methods, diagnostic procedures, and rehabilitation programs. When you make your appointment through Booking Health, the cost of medical services will be lower for you due to the lack of high taxes for foreign patients.

Our company’s specialists will take care of all the arrangements for your trip to Germany. We will contact the hospital administration, schedule an appointment for your preferred dates, book a hotel room, and buy airline tickets. We will also meet you at the German airport and take you to the hospital by car. After the completion of your program, our company’s specialists will organize your return transfer. You will receive assistance and support in resolving any issues during the entire period of your stay abroad.


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