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EXANTE Founder Profile: Gatis Eglitis

EXANTE Founder Profile: Gatis Eglitis

Gatis Eglitis is one of the co-founders of EXANTE. He has been a key member of the global investment company’s business development team, and he is currently Executive Director.

Founder background and early career

Gatis Eglitis is the Executive Director at EXANTE. Born in Latvia, he has a Bachelor of Science degree in International Economic Relations from the University of Latvia. He also has a Master of Science degree in Finance from the same university, and he has a second master’s degree in strategic management and finance from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Eglitis started his career at Danish investment bank Saxo Bank, first as an Institutional Sales Trader and then as an Institutional Business Sales Manager. This helped him gain substantial experience in global business development in an investment environment, and his time at Saxo also helped him gain familiarity with the financial markets on a professional level.

Work at EXANTE

Eglitis founded EXANTE with Alexey Kirienko and Anatoliy Knyazev in 2011 in Malta, while Eglitis was a member of the executive and investment committee in the country. Upon its founding, EXANTE changed the game for domestic market participants. At the time, it became the first and only broker in the region to provide global market access, built on strong trading infrastructure.

In the first few years of EXANTE’s development, Eglitis played an important role in turning the broker from a local player into a global service, connecting investors and markets all over the world. His professional experience in the financial markets and his expertise in dealing with complex financial instruments have also helped him connect with sophisticated investors. These investors sought out investing in credit derivatives, statistical equity arbitrage, and futures investing – and EXANTE evolved to become a cutting-edge broker that could meet these advanced trading strategies and preferences.

In 2016, Eglitis became Managing Partner of the broker and became directly responsible for its strategic planning and business development. During his time at EXANTE, he did not only focus on servicing high-profile customers. Instead, he paid equal attention to transforming the broker into a one-stop-shop for traders of all experience levels. Eglitis recognised that it was imperative EXANTE did not alienate any group of investors. Whether clients made thousands of trades a day or preferred to buy and hold a small number of instruments, the broker sought to provide personalised services.

Today, EXANTE is one of the leading brokers not only in the region but internationally. It offers an impressive and diverse range of over 600,000 financial instruments across 50+ global markets, covering equities, currencies, commodities, bonds, derivatives, and more. Clients can trade from one single multi-currency account from almost anywhere in the world, and the broker has a bespoke trading platform designed to deliver a superior trading experience.

EXANTE is regulated in all the regions in which it operates – by the MFSA in Malta, the SFC in Hong Kong, the CySEC in Cyprus, and the FCA in the United Kingdom. The broker is also compliant with MiFID-II, the regulatory framework that regulates financial markets and improves protections in trade execution operations within the European Union.

EXANTE’s ambition was noticed and rewarded over the years. The broker has won numerous industry awards and has been recognised by some prominent financial and technology organisations globally. In 2023, EXANTE was named the best trading and investment solution provider in the UK by Gazet International Magazine. Its commitment to diversity and transparency in trading has also been recognised at the 2023 Ethical Finance Awards. The broker took home two of the top awards, for Best Multi-Asset Financial Services Firm and Global Capital Market Access Experts of the Year.

Interests and achievements

Outside of his professional work with EXANTE, Eglitis is also a passionate and dedicated participant in the development of the financial world in general. He has been invited to – and participated in – numerous panel discussions on fintech and investment innovations. He has also received offers to take part in events in the industry, with the purpose of sharing his forecasts and analysis of the markets.

In his own time, Eglitis is an avid advocate for building a greener and more sustainable way of life in the future. This passion evolved when he moved from Denmark to Malta and was surprised to find the landscape relatively barren – a stark contrast to the greenery on Danish soil. Today, Eglitis is involved with numerous local landscaping projects in the Mediterranean, including planting 250 trees with his team at EXANTE in the past. One of his projects was II-Gardina at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre in Malta, a worthy cause which encouraged EXANTE clients to donate.


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