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Tennis Transformed: Exploring Four Technological Enhancements in the Game

There isn’t much in the world that technology has not impacted. Almost everything we do nowadays has experienced technological development, and sport is no different. From how it is played to how it is watched, every sport enjoyed worldwide has been transformed in one way or another through technological change.

Tennis is one prime example, with the game having experienced its fair share of changes. Being one of the oldest games in history, some changes are more evident than others. However, regardless of how obvious or subtle they may be, they have each been able to better the game and turn it into one of the most popular with fans worldwide.


Perhaps one of the biggest technological advances to have impacted the professional side of tennis, Hawk-eye has completely revolutionized the sport and provided fans and athletes with some of the best sporting experiences possible.

Hawk-eye is a computer system that has largely been used in sports like cricket, but it has emerged as a crucial component of tennis over the last couple of decades. It was brought into the game in 2006 and has been used ever since to improve the standard of officiating across tennis. The system can help umpires with calls that are too close to make with the naked eye, as it can accurately predict the path of the ball and where it bounced. The tech has been beneficial when it comes to line-calling, with errors being made by umpires and line judges being drastically reduced.

Live streaming

For sports fans, they are always looking to find the best ways to watch tennis, whether they are on the move or at home. While TV networks have gotten better in regard to providing comprehensive coverage now technology allows, the introduction of live streaming tech has further enhanced the accessibility of the sport and the ways to watch it.

Live streaming platforms have become important platforms for viewers. In contrast, access to a live tennis stream has helped enhance the experiences offered when wagering on the sport. Viewers can watch what is happening and then make their bets live as they watch the players on the court try and defeat their opponent. Sports betting has become a big business for the sports industry and with the possibility of live streams, tennis has grown significantly.


Among one of the more subtle technological changes to have been experienced across tennis is regarding the equipment that is used. Obvious changes have included the materials of the racquets, as the earliest forms of racquets were made with wood. Now, they are made of properties such as carbon fiber, which is lightweight and allows players to be able to perform at an optimal level.

The racquets have also been improved technologically through the materials used for the strings. Players are now able to use different types of string, as well as different sizing. These changes are subtle and would not be visible to all, but they also help the individual using the racquet to be able to perform at their peak. Tennis balls have also been improved with technology, as has the net.

Use of AI/Statistics

Technology has helped improve player performance in various ways, especially with the introduction of video analysis and data collection. Players and coaches are now able to watch back footage and analyze past performances and training sessions to improve on techniques and playing styles. This has been possible through AI, as big data analysis can now be completed at a moment’s notice.

Statistics have also become prevalent throughout tennis, with everyone able to use them. Players can use stats to work out their strengths and weaknesses, while broadcasters are able to use them to enhance the overall viewing experience for fans watching on the TV.

Technology will always impact sport

Since technology continues to rapidly advance and professional sports organizations constantly seek ways to enhance their products, it is inevitable that technological innovation will have an effect on and alter the sporting landscape. Tennis has already experienced its share of technological changes over the years, and it is likely further transformation could well take place soon enough.



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