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Miriam Farid Launches End Violence Month Saturday, November 9th, 2024, Part of End Violence UK Ltd

In our world, many women and girls face something very wrong – violence. Imagine one out of every three women experiencing hurt or harm, often from someone they love. This is not okay. Violence against women and girls hurts them badly, not just physically but also inside their hearts and minds. It stops them from being fully part of society and makes life harder for their families and communities.

Even though many countries have made rules against this kind of violence, it still happens too much, and many times, nothing happens to stop it. This hurts everyone, from making healthcare harder to making it difficult for people to work well.

But there is hope! Miriam Farid is doing something about it. She started an organization called End Violence UK Ltd. She wants to stop violence against women and girls everywhere. She is starting something impactful called End Violence Month on November 9th, and she wants all of us to help.

The Vision of Miriam Farid

Miriam Farid, the inspiring founder of End Violence UK, has a powerful dream. She wants to make the world safer by stopping all kinds of violence everywhere. Miriam knows firsthand what it’s like to suffer because she went through some tough times herself. She faced Early Childhood Trauma, being Abducted from her biological Mother Patricia Florence Suthers and abandoned thousands of miles away. Her early experiences led to experiencing identity crisis and emotional and physical abuse leading to a forced child marriage, on-going mental health and years of domestic abuse.

But Miriam turned her pain into purpose instead of letting those hard experiences hold her back.

Her creation of End Violence Month every November 9th is a big step towards making her dream a reality. It’s a special time dedicated to raising awareness and acting against violence worldwide. Miriam’s courage and determination inspire us all to join her in the fight for a world without violence.



Empowering Individuals to Act

Acknowledging the overwhelming nature of combating violence, Miriam emphasizes the power of individual action. The campaign spearheaded by End Violence UK aims to educate communities on the profound impact of violence while advocating for trauma-informed care and well-being. By raising a sense of collective responsibility, Miriam believes that each person can contribute meaningfully toward creating safer environments.

Who is Miriam Farid?

Miriam Farid, an esteemed author and human rights activist, hails from the city of Bradford, United Kingdom. Her personal journey, marked by resilience and determination, fuels her unwavering commitment to ending violence. Miriam Farid is the daughter of Patricia Florence Suthers and Mohammed Farid. She is Biracial and identifies as mixed race and her core mission is to promote peace and justice.

Join the Movement

End Violence UK Ltd is actively recruiting volunteers to join the crucial effort to eradicate violence globally. Individuals who have experienced various forms of violence, from poverty to institutional abuse, are encouraged to lend their voices in advocating for change. End Violence Month aims to amplify its impact and foster a culture of solidarity through collaboration with diverse organizations, including charities, corporate entities, educational institutions and wider society.

Why we need End Violence Month…

End Violence Month serves as a beacon of civil awareness, uniting individuals and organizations with the shared goal of combatting violence. It intersects with other vital campaigns, such as Anti-Violence Month and Women and Girls Month, underscoring the interconnectedness of social justice causes. By addressing violence against women, we pave the way for equality, development, and peace, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals’ vision of inclusivity and progress.

Final thoughts
Miriam Farid’s bold initiative to launch End Violence Month represents a crucial step towards realizing a world free from violence. With a firm belief in the power of collective action and community engagement, Miriam inspires individuals to join the movement and advocate for change. Together, we can redefine our environment and create a safer, more equitable world for all.
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