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AI-driven ECG Diagnostics: Transforming Emergency Cardiac Care

In the UK, millions of patients present to emergency departments with chest pain annually. Acute coronary syndromes, commonly known as heart attacks, pose a significant diagnostic challenge, often requiring immediate action to differentiate between life-threatening conditions and less severe subsets.


Especially when classifying myocardial infarction, traditional ECG analysis methods, especially those relying on ST-elevation criteria, have historically overlooked a critical number of acute coronary occlusions, mistakenly treated as less severe conditions. This diagnostic shortfall underscores the urgent need for more reliable and precise methodologies to prevent treatment delays.

PMcardio OMI AI Model: Engineered for Precision


Developed from an extensive dataset of 18,616 ECGs from 10,543 patients, the PMcardio OMI AI Model tackles the core of the problem. 


This model was meticulously trained to recognize subtle signs of acute occlusion myocardial infarction (OMI). The OMI AI Model’s advanced machine learning algorithms process ECG signals to more precisely and promptly identify STEMI and STEMI equivalents patterns of acute coronary occlusion. 


In the International OMI AI validation of the model, its effectiveness was thoroughly evaluated against traditional STEMI criteria and expert judgments, achieving an impressive Area Under the Curve (AUC) of 0.938, delivering an accuracy of 90.9%, sensitivity of 80.6%, and specificity of 93.7%.

Source: https://academic.oup.com/ehjdh/article/5/2/123/7453297

“When treating patients with symptoms potentially indicating Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), immediate and accurate diagnosis is crucial for timely intervention. The OMI AI Model leverages decades of our ECG morphology research to accurately distinguish acute coronary occlusions from patterns that mimic them, going beyond mere ST-elevation analysis,” says Dr. Stephen W. Smith, a faculty physician at the Emergency Medicine Residency at Hennepin County Medical Center, Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Minnesota, and the author of Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog.


Validated and Registered Medical Device

Registered as a Class IIb medical device under MHRA, the PMcardio platform epitomizes cutting-edge technology paired with meticulous cardiac diagnostics. Compatible with any smartphone, it analyzes 12-lead ECG strips in less than five seconds. Used by 13,892 healthcare professionals across the UK.

EU Collaboration at the Core of Innovation

The development and validation of the OMI AI ECG Model underscore the importance of global collaboration with esteemed entities like the Cardiovascular Center Aalst in Belgium and the University of Napoli Federico II in Italy.


Dr. Dan Schelfaut, a key figure at the Cardiovascular Center Aalst, remarks on the model’s significance: “This AI innovation symbolizes the fusion of technology with cardiac care, paving the way for swift and accurate OMI diagnosis in diverse clinical scenarios. The AI model’s superior accuracy in detecting acute OMI, compared to the STEMI criteria, highlights its potential to revolutionize ACS triage, ensuring timely and appropriate referrals for immediate revascularization.”

AI-powered ECG platform with unmatched precision

AI in cardiology and ECG analysis is redefining emergency cardiac care standards. The PMcardio OMI AI Model significantly boosts diagnostic precision and speeds up medical responses, saving lives and enhancing care for millions.


Join 13,892 healthcare professionals across the UK who are already using PMcardio. Sign up now for five free ECG reports – no credit card is needed.

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