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Personalised Number Plates: A Respite for Victims of Number Plate Clone Scams, Says Expert

Drivers who have fallen prey to number plate clone scams are finding solace in personalised number plates, according to a car expert. In these scams,...

Car Owners Warned of £1,000 Fines for Neglecting Clean Number Plates, Expert Cautions

Car owners could face hefty fines of up to £1,000 if they fail to keep their vehicle's number plates clean and easily readable, according...

Uninsured E-scooters: Are They a Safety Hazard on Our Streets?

Cycle SOS, the leading cycling accident claims specialists in the UK, is shedding light on the safety risks and legal implications associated with uninsured...

DVLA Prohibits All ’73’ Number Plates, Including BE73 END and FA73 DCK

The DVLA has released a comprehensive list of banned number plates, including notable examples such as BE73 END and FA73 DCK. Every year, the DVLA...

Unfamiliar Number Plate Rules Pose a £1,000 Fine Threat, Cautions Automotive Expert

An automotive expert has sounded the alarm about lesser-known number plate rules that could result in drivers facing fines of up to £1,000. Jon Kirkbright,...

National Figures Offer Motorists Guidance to Avoid Costly Fines for Number Plate Violations

Drivers Urged to Remain Updated on Number Plate Regulations to Avoid Penalties Motorists are being strongly advised to inspect their number plates to eliminate the...

Car Expert Urges Drivers to Assess the Value of Their Private Registration Plates Following £73k Auction Sale

In the wake of a recent £73,010 auction sale of a registration plate bearing the characters "5 PS," a renowned car expert is advising...

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