Home Education TRX Training Partners with The Fitness Group to Provide Education Courses in the UK

TRX Training Partners with The Fitness Group to Provide Education Courses in the UK

TRX Training Partners with The Fitness Group to Provide Education Courses in the UK

TRX Training, the global leader in functional training equipment, has announced a partnership with The Fitness Group, a leading provider of fitness education and personal training courses in the UK. The aim of the partnership is to provide TRX education courses to students from The Fitness Group, enabling them to enhance their knowledge and skills in functional training.

Through this collaboration, The Fitness Group will offer TRX education courses to its students, providing them with the opportunity to learn from TRX-certified instructors and trainers. This will deepen their understanding of the principles of functional training and further expand their knowledge and skills in this area.

Nathan D’Rozario, TRX International & Training Manager, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “We’re thrilled to partner with The Fitness Group to provide our TRX education courses to their students. The Fitness Group shares our commitment to delivering high-quality education and training, and we believe this partnership will enable us to reach even more fitness professionals across the UK. We’re excited to see the impact this collaboration will have on the fitness industry.”

The partnership will also enable TRX to expand its reach in the UK and provide more opportunities for fitness professionals to enhance their skills and knowledge in functional training. By partnering with The Fitness Group, TRX can leverage their expertise in fitness education and provide a comprehensive training programme to students in the UK.

Steven Dick, Founder of The Fitness Group, expressed his delight about the partnership, stating, “We’re delighted to partner with TRX Training to offer our students access to their live and digital education courses. At The Fitness Group, we’re committed to providing the best possible fitness education to our students, and TRX is a fantastic addition to our course offerings. We believe that this partnership will help us continue to deliver exceptional education and training to fitness professionals across the UK.”

The TRX education courses will be available to The Fitness Group students starting in May 2023.

TRX Training is dedicated to empowering people of all fitness levels to move better, feel better, and live better through its range of products and programmes, including the TRX Suspension Trainer and TRX Education courses. The Fitness Group is equally committed to providing high-quality fitness education and training to help fitness professionals achieve their goals.

For more information, please contact: TRX Training – [email protected] The Fitness Group – [email protected]


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